Friday, April 17, 2015

some questions and answers

As you all are no doubt aware, I don't reply to comments much and when I do it is via email and it seems most my commenters don't make an email address available so when you ask a question, I have no way to answer it. My inbox is crushingly full and it is time to delete delete delete but first I thought I would try to winnow out some of the questions and answer them here.

On 'shop work and yard work' glnroz asked: do you do these designs by hand?

Yes, 99% of the time. I will have a design consultation with the client or designer and then do some compositional sketches in 1” to 1' scale. Details get added in as the drawing gets closer to full size. However, in this particular piece, the architect picked a border out of a design book of borders and small frames. We worked out the techniques together (the lace references the owners grandmother as does the diamond motif in the border). I had to figure out how to convert the knot into a series of lines we could work with.

Tabor asked a similar question on the same post: did you do the design or did they ask for this?

The architect knew what look he wanted but I provided the books we looked through for borders and I selected the font for the words. Still I had to do a scale drawing rendered to reflect the decisions we had made to present to the client.

On 'up on a roof' Ms Moon asked: when you are finished there, would you like to come work on our roof?


On 'whites, yellows, and oranges' Tabor asked: is bulbine a lily?

Bulbine is an herb found originally in South Africa. It's also, apparently, a very popular extract with body builders. I had to look it up. While I knew it wasn't a lily, I didn't know what it was. The foliage is very succulent-like though. I have it in two location and they are two different varieties. One of them has just been spectacular this year.

On 'epic battle' Joanne Noragon asked: is that an orb spider?

Well, it's an orb weaver, in that it wove what is called an orb web, the traditional spiderweb that radiates out from a center spot. Lots of different spiders build webs like that though. When I did an image search for 'orb spider', there were lots of pictures that looked like my spider.

Marty Damon asked on the same post: what were the pearls?

Dew drops!

On 'foiled work and finish work', Stephen Hayes asked, well it wasn't really a question: I don't recall seeing the blue one with yellow mushrooms(?)

Not mushrooms but pistal and pollen covered stamens of a blue flower which I don't know what it is. If someone could identify this flower for me I would appreciate it. And yah, it was in a previous post.

On 'a day trip to the Bayou City Art Festival' glnroz asked: where was your booth?

I was not participating, only went to enjoy the art of others. It's seems like fun to do those shows but I have done those shows and it is not fun for me. That's a whole lifestyle, traveling from one show to another to sell your work.

If I went back any further I don't think anyone would remember the post much less that they asked a question. Hell, y'all probably don't remember asking these. I do appreciate all the comments and feedback from the peeps.


  1. But we do remember asking them. At least I did. Dew drops on that spider web! Who'da thunk? They're so perfect they look like strung pearls.
    Thanks, Ellen.

  2. Haha. I did check back on the orb spider. Now I know a lot more than when I asked. I do miss exhibiting. Such a different life. Everyone had duct tape and knew how to fix anything with it.

  3. I have a friend who is a cancer survivor & turned to art to help her cope. She's got some space in a shop & has been trying to do some festivals. Recently she was at the Azalea Festival in NC & said that most of the folks there were open carry - & they were buying stuff made in China instead of the NC made things. She was disgusted.

    (By the way - you two would get along VERY well politically - ha!)

  4. I think I already knew the answer to my question. Thanks, though.

  5. this was kind of a fun post - to see the types of questions folks ask. i tend to google stuff (if i can) if i want to know more about a plant or bloom, etc.

    still, the web of pearls is so gorgeous you could post it day after day after day...

  6. I was wondering what type of spider that was. Doesn't look like a spider from around where I live.

  7. Bravo for you for coming back to those questions. I'm really bad about responding to comments too. Seems like by the time I get an entry written and get myself to work and read everyone else's blog, I just don't have any steam left to go back to my own comments section! (Beyond reading them, of course.)

    That bulbine is strange. I wonder if it has any real effect on body building. A lot of people take supplements of various kinds that I doubt have any real efficacy.

  8. thanks,,, ohhh,,no response needed,, lol


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