Wednesday, April 15, 2015

shop work and yard work

I've been working on the glass panel for Grace's restaurant since I finished working on the roof panels of the shop, racing to get finished before it rained last Friday and Saturday. And it rained again yesterday. So far so good.

I'm done with my part of the Grace's panel for now. This panel has three separate techniques...lace etching, carving, and cream etch.

 stencil cut and marked

 background pieces exposed, lace soaked in glue applied to glass

 sandblasted and cleaned showing the etched lace pattern

lace etching covered and panel ready for carving the borders

Marc has to do the next stage of sandblasting and then I will do the cream etch and we will be done. While I am waiting for him to get that done, I have another panel to start on, cutting the stencil. Right now I'm still making the diagram.

Now that I'm done with the botanicas, or nearly so, just need to get them framed, I'm ready to drag out my model making materials and get started on some new stuff. I've done some of the finish work on the peach box but I'm still waiting to get my piece of peach wood back that's being milled for the top. Wesley says he'll have it for me this week. It's been months since I gave him the log but he and Caroline have been really busy getting their music venue here on the square going. I'm anxious to get it so I can see how all the components are going to work together. I'm still thinking about doing a new flower sculpture for the top as I'm only partly happy with the one I've already done. Regardless, I have to get the two etched panels finished before I can start on new cast work. Money in the hand and all that.

On a completely different note, I was out there digging up trees again the other day. This time mostly pecan trees and some oaks and handfuls of hackberry and raintree and cherry laurel.

This is why you have to dig up pecan trees as soon as you see them sprout. And I mean dig. There is no pulling up even the smallest sprout. It will break off and the root will send up new growth. Once that tap root sends out lateral roots, fugeddaboudit. You won't even be able to dig it up.


  1. wow! love that pecan sprout and root! :)

    can't wait to see that panel done. looks like it's going to be beautiful!

  2. It's good the work is coming around so well.
    We dug us and moved a misplaced peony in the fall. It's doing well in the back corner. So are a dozen new peony sprouts from the ostensibly removed plant. I will not give them the satisfaction of the yucca that own the lower corner; this weekend they are gone!

  3. That looks like a complicated design. Can't wait to see the final project. I love glass.

  4. Beautiful work and something that will make you proud when finished. Did you do the design or did they ask for this? I did not know pecans were so tenacious! But I am a little thankful.

  5. That sprout is amazing. It's funny -- I don't even think of a pecan as a seed. Just a nut, waiting to be eaten!

  6. I was looking at new trees and wondered about using a pair of pliers to tug them up.

  7. amazing,,,(glass etching) you do those designs by hand?
    we "blast" signs but on caststone instead of have another magic piece of work there.

  8. That panel is going to be beautiful! Love love love the pecan sprout - I'd make that my FB cover photo if I were you :)


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