Wednesday, February 25, 2015

work stuff

The gallery that has the Botanica Eroticas sent me a pic of the installation. I think they did a very fine job of arranging them.

You might remember that I had a meeting with an architect scheduled for last week and I did meet with him last Wednesday and the window is about 4 feet square and I brought books and he selected a border to go around the words Grace's Bar. It's the only decorative element at the entrance to the bar area of a new restaurant named after the owner's grandmother using her recipes and the building is built to resemble a home with different rooms for dining vs the one large room with partitions. The bar will be a little more upscale than the restaurant proper. And they are ready to get started as soon as I present my proposal.

So I wrote that after meeting with the architect last week. I warned him that what he was asking for, carved glass with cream etch and lace etch, three techniques and three stencils, was high end, and he indicated that that was acceptable, just send him the proposal and he would get a check to us. I spent the better part of Monday working on sketches and sent my proposal yesterday.

Well, now it seems that the architect will 'hopefully' get his client's approval (this family can afford it) today at their meeting. How quickly it went from a sure thing to a maybe. The last time he had me come out was for a residence...two side doors with full lites and the front door side lites for a very wealthy woman. I figured it was also a sure thing but she never responded to my proposal. Oh well, that's how it goes. I do have two other proposals in the works and another proposal to write this week. At least I'm finally getting some inquiries.

Oops, just heard from the architect. It's a go. I guess I'll be busy now as if I had trouble filling my days before.

In the meantime, I have not been back over to the shop and still have the last 4 molds to fill, been having a little gastric distress and, besides, it's been really cold and damp here this week but today the cloud cover is breaking up and it will be warmer. Speaking of which I should get over there and fill another mold since my plan was to have them all done by the end of this week.



  1. yay on the 'go!' :)

    LOVE the display of your botanicas! gorgeous!!!

  2. The exhibition wall looks great, and congratulations on the successful proposal

  3. Oh congrats.. I'm so happy you got a go. And your botanical pieces look amazing.

  4. The installation is lovely.
    We have a piece of etched glass in the studio that we bought years ago at an art show for Mom. I'm thinking it would look nice framed around the edges, hanging in a window.

  5. Ah! Your installation looks beautiful!
    And your artwork is going to grace Grace's bar.
    Same weather here and I cannot force myself to do anything. I just slept for two hours.

  6. Glad you got that go-ahead. Looking forward to seeing pictures of the completed project.

  7. The exhibition looks great! I'm glad you're getting some paying work - although I know you could keep pretty darn busy without it, you gotta eat :)

  8. The display is fabulous! I know what you mean about people giving the impression that they are ready to commit to a project, then simply disappearing.

  9. Well, I'm glad you got more work, anyway! And the Botanicas look amazing grouped together like that -- so colourful and, yes, sensual.

  10. Great wall expo.... and Grace's made a smart move..

  11. Perfect symmetry.


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