Monday, February 23, 2015

the wheel is trying to turn

Late winter is like an impotent old man angry at and frustrated by the budding young woman of spring.

Another cold front blew in last night after a week of warm spring weather and most of this week will be in the 30s to 50s range with one day in the 40s.

It's still pretty bare out there, only a few things budding green like the mock dogwood and the redbud and we think we might actually get a few flowers on the true dogwood this year.

It has never bloomed before, not for us, not for the previous owners who planted it. I always thought it was an understory tree but I think it hasn't bloomed because it wasn't getting enough sun. I saw one in full bloom out here last year that was in full sun. Now that we have lost four big branches off the pecan tree that was shading it, it has put on half a dozen buds.

The earliest bloomers are doing their thing though. Besides the daffodils, these early iris sprang up overnight, or so it seemed. These are the ones that were blooming when we got that late hard freeze last March. I was worried they wouldn't come back but come back they did and even earlier.

My little native peach is in full bloom as are the chinese fringe flower shrubs.

The fleabane in the yard is another white early spring bloomer.

And I saw this first early bluebonnet.

Sometimes the white 10 petal anemone bloom pale lavender.

This little frog was clinging to the window Saturday night.

And the buddha is contemplating the changing season.



  1. So there is gonna be a spring.....yay. Love your photos. Happy Almost there. Oma Linda

  2. Wow, you are springing into the season fast. Love the redbuds and blooming trees. It was -2 at 7am. I have a few bulbs peeking, but now I don't think they know why.

  3. wow, your bluebonnet is VERY early! :) our ornamental pear began to bloom last week and i saw some buds on our little redbud. today we have snow and sleet and highs around 29.

  4. Love your description at the beginning and the photo's are stunning - the bud, heavenly, sculpturable.

  5. Spring? What's that? Your blooms are lovely and that little tree frog .. so cute. We're in such a deep freeze that spring seems almost impossible.

  6. It seems in this part of Florida that there's a dogwood blight. They are ALL dying. It's so sad. Don't know what the deal is.
    I haven't seen any frogs yet but I sure can hear them. Noisy little horny guys.

  7. Irises are my favorite flower. Your pictures make me ache for spring.

  8. Weather or no, your yard is quite cheerful.

  9. I love the little frog.

    The school kids here have been cooped up for two weeks since it has been below 10 degrees. Bonkers, they are.

  10. I love seeing all the growing things in your world. I especially love the frog!

  11. You have a pet frog ! And your flowers are much further on than anything here .
    Still , Spring has to arrive one of these days ...

  12. Have you noticed how many flowers at this time of year flower purplish?

    I keep going out to search for buds and blooms but very little can overcome these biting winds we have. It’s still too cold to go out and really work.

  13. Thanks for the flowers - our yard is still pretty darn snowy...

  14. Spring has not showed her face around this parts. Winter keeps on roaring in our faces... A few more weeks. That's all I say. ;-)

    Oh, and I LOVE your frog!

    - Magaly Guerrero
    Stories, poetry and witchy living


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