Sunday, February 15, 2015

the goods are gone, time to make new goods

Wednesday, shortly after 4 PM, I dropped the last two boxes off at the post office. These were the six small bowls for the gallery in Florida. She passed on the two wall mounted pieces and the shell sculpture. I was surprised she didn't want the two wall pieces but not the shells. I don't know why I continue to try and do shells as they have never come out that great, though this was the best so far, and they never sell. Ah, optimism springs eternal, an Island famous for it's shells, I figured it was a shoe-in. Too trite I suppose.

I'm OK that she didn't want the two wall pieces though, the bee one and the lizard one, because I was thinking about doing a grouping of small framed pieces like that and I thought those would make a good first start. So now I'm going to expand on the idea.

Anyway, Thursday morning after falling asleep early the previous evening, I woke up feeling heavy, my eyes never really woke up and my body was full of aches and pains so I spent the day mostly just being outside pruning here, weeding there, nothing too strenuous or busy. It's been a pretty labor intensive couple of months.

The three botanicas that were in the kiln with the shells cast very well and I washed them and did some very basic cold work, grinding off the little bit extra at the bottom. I probably won't do any more cold work on them til after the last four molds are in the kiln but before I can start on them I have to clean up the shipping materials and reorganize them in boxes. Right now it looks like a foam factory exploded in there.

So next week we have to go into the city to deliver an etched window panel so it can be crated and shipped. We have several errands to do while we are there and I need to meet with an architect for a possible job. I don't know how big the panel is yet but they want an 'old fashioned' design. What the fuck does that mean? Oh well, I'll get more guidance. I also have some sketches to do for a roughly 3 foot square window, a log cabin with a tree line and mountains.

I have mixed feelings about that. We can certainly use the income but I'm not ready to shift my focus.


  1. I'll be interested in seeing how the "old fashioned" design plays out. How old fashioned is old fashioned?

  2. you never get to choose when you take work and have to shift your artistic gears. :)

  3. Not sure how to determine od fashioned, maybe an era.

  4. The botanicas turned out great! They're beautiful. The shells are beautiful too -- maybe the gallery owner thinks people in Sanibel will be a bit sick of shells by the time they come in to browse artworks.

    An old-fashioned design? I'm picturing something with scrollwork and maybe a cameo, kind of Ragtime-ish. But who knows.

  5. Love the simplicity and bold design of the three botanicas.

  6. Hey, what is "old fashioned"?.....I guess I am, but I don't get that phrase anyway.

  7. I like the middle botanica.

  8. I guess being an artist with a commission also means being an interpreter. Remarkable what sweepingly vague things people can say, thinking they're being perfectly clear.


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