Tuesday, February 3, 2015

super what Sunday?

This is what I did Sunday...

Surfed the web and spent a lot of time trying to get pictures of the birds as they visited the tea cup as I had my coffee. Have several pictures of just the tea cup.

Strolled around the yard and took pictures.

Ate breakfast which my husband cooked.

Posted on the blog.

Went outside and fished out as much of the string algae, which has migrated from the water lily pond probably on my fingertips, out of the turtle pond as I could get to and then cleaned the filter which hadn't been done since fall. It was really nasty.

Got the hose from the pump to the filter of the water lily pond cleaned out and unstopped (string algae again).

Strolled around the yard taking more pictures.

Cut back dead foliage (couldn't resist) and it all looks much better now.

Had a small late lunch of stuffed bacon wrapped jalapenos that my husband the cook whipped up and this time they didn't try to kill me.

Strolled around the yard, listening to the mockingbird and took more pictures.

Participated in making stuffed cabbage rolls for dinner and then cleaned up the totally trashed kitchen.

Settled down on the couch with my current read and a tequila sunrise.

Ate dinner and more couch time with my book before bed.

It was a super Sunday.


  1. What a beautiful cardinal pair!

    I looked at a few minutes of the Super Bore, but it didn't grab me. Everyone always talks about the ads, but they didn't seem that great to me, either. Mostly, I'm sick of hearing about the whole thing.

  2. Aside from the string algae (YUCK and double yuck), it sounds like a deelightful day.
    A husband that cooks. What a magical and foreign concept.

  3. Your cardinals have large bills! Love that sunset and all of your food sounds good. I sometimes have an all day cook.

  4. love all your birdies. can't believe you have blooms happening! :)

  5. Watched a few movies and played out in the snow to make mine super.

  6. Sounds perfect - my mouth is watering from those food items!

  7. Glad you enjoyed your Sunday. I sense Spring coming in your photos even though we're still in the clutches of Winter.

  8. Jealous. Spring growth.

    Those bacon jalapeno bites look good!

  9. I love the second-to-last photo of the trees and the sky. Very nice! And the birds are great too. Our feeder seems to attract mostly pigeons!

    Maybe the string algae migrated on bird feet?

  10. Your day sounds so great. I love the photos of the promise of new growth to come. Only 40 something days until spring. We also had a fun "no football" Sunday playing games with the grands.

  11. how bright the beaks are! I love the birds visiting you . Your blue sky is enviable. Still dark here, cold...rain...I can not seen to get warm.
    Your Sunday is such a *sigh*...very nice.

  12. May I please have a Sunday just like it? I don't even care if I get an extra serving or algae, the rest balances the yum.

    Love the flower closeups...

  13. A Super Sunday indeed,,much better that the pigskin type. reckon?


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