Monday, June 23, 2014

more boring moving and work stuff

More truckloads of shop stuff out of the garage and over to the new shop. It's all just going in helter skelter until we decide how we are going to utilize the space. Right now we're just trying to get everything over there while we clean out the old shop in the city, the garage out here, and the barn (what was going to be the new shop but turned into more storage for gardening, lawn mower, lumber, and the other kiln). Haven't moved either of the kilns yet and those will probably be last because there's no plug over there to plug them in. Haven't moved the cold work station either since I hope to use that equipment before the new shop is completely set up.

Today we take the grandboy back and retrieve more stuff from the city including the chandelier. Maybe more plants too.

I haven't been very diligent about taking pictures of this visit. The grandboy won't cooperate for them anyway so I only have one I snuck in. But mostly we've just been busy moving stuff or he was hanging out with Jacob who lives at the other end of the street or he was swimming or we were watching movies. And speaking of movies, he and I went to see 22 Jump Street yesterday. It had some pretty funny moments.

Here's some better pictures of the last two panels we completed. Still just shop photos though. They are both approx 36” tall.


  1. gosh, those panels are just GORGEOUS! my kinda scenery!

  2. Yes, the panels are wonderful art and utility, too.

  3. Lovely, all. I can't imagine Owen being seventeen. Or Gibson. But I suppose, one day they will be.
    You know- you sure are doing a lot of work. I know you'll be glad when it's all done.

  4. Moving news may seem boring to you, but since we're not doing it, it's interesting to read about it from afar.
    Your work is really beautiful.

  5. For a moment, your first sentence inspired me to clean out the garage, but alas, it is pouring outside.

    Pretty panels.

  6. Those panels are really really lovely! Which reminds me, I saw a turtle crossing the road the other day. If I were a better blogger I would have stopped to get a picture, but I was too lazy :)

  7. Beautiful work. I marvel at your ability to balance work, moving, and family. You and your grandson have been on my mind this week as I gave mine, just six months old, all my attention. I know this stage will pass by the next time I see him~


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