Friday, June 20, 2014

granny camp, moving, and a selfie

So busy! Picked up the grandboy yesterday for his (short) week. Three out of the four grands have summer jobs this year making their visits more problematic. The boy may come for two long weekends instead of a continuous week. The twins can get their whole week off, just have to tell their boss about two weeks in advance when they will be gone.

Anyway, when I went to pick up the grandboy, we brought back another truckload from the old shop...some boxes I had already packed and a shelving unit and the little refrigerator from our corner apartment in the house. I also dug up the rest of the ginger and between the two of us, we got the mexican bird of paradise out.

I planted it all those years ago in the easement space between the sidewalk and the ditch. Digging that puppy up was no easy task between digging at the very edge of the sidewalk and on the slope of the ditch. Good thing the grandboy is handy with a shovel and an ax. I didn't think we were going to get it out but we had done so much damage by then that we had to persevere. It was so hot and humid, I had to stop at one point and totally douse my head with cold water. We did finally get it out. Poor thing. Since it was too big for my biggest available pot, it is temporarily in a wood box til I can decide where to plant it.

The other thing we did was buy a pool on the way home. A big one this time instead of the 8' dia x about 18” deep that we had been buying for the summers. The kids are not so little anymore. This one is 12' dia x 30” and we set it up this morning. Holy Cow! 12' diameter is a big ass pool!

Mikey was in it off and on all day, in between carting stuff over to the new shop. I got in it when we were done for the day. The water was cold so I eased in and eventually just took the plunge and dunked myself. Once all the way in, it was great, until my feet started to usual. I don't know why swimming or being in pools makes my feet cramp, but after a while, it does.

The grandboy helped me moved two crates of glass and a crate of kiln shelves, a metal shelving unit and it contents, and the traveling glass rack. And he assembled the pool.

The other thing I accomplished today was to get my summer haircut. That's what I told Maria when I arrived for my appointment, that I wanted my summer cut. I generally just let her do what she wants once I let her know I need a wash and go cut. Maria likes to talk and as she talked, she clipped. So this summer it's pretty short, shorter than usual I think. It's taking some getting used to since the difference is rather extreme but I won't get another one until maybe early next spring, in which case I'll get a spring cut which is similar to a fall cut. I never get a winter cut.


  1. Ah- I feel that I will never live long enough to have my grandchildren actually able to help me.
    I have been thinking about my hair lately- do I want to cut it ALL off?
    I have no idea. But you look gorgeous.

  2. Well good grief, no one can accuse you of being lazy! That's some serious work, moving and digging and assembling a pool. I like the short cut!

  3. Love the haircut. It's time for my summer do. I just might be a copycat and get a similar one. Maybe even shorter...hmmmm....

  4. Love to have those babies join me, can't get enough. That plant looks like a legume, not familiar with it.I Will look forward to see the bloom.

  5. Moving is such a big job, all that extra help is certainly appreciated, and deserves a pool.

  6. i keep mine ultra short in the summer. i've often thought of buzzing it down to grizzle. :)

    so glad your grandson was so strong and helpful! he deserved that pool soak!

  7. Who’s that handsome lady with the new cut?
    It’s hard working Ellen, who rarely finds a moment to sit back an ponder life’s vicissitudes.
    I like your pool, handy for cooling off when the day has been hot with sun and work.

  8. Bananas for cramps. I like the new summer do.

  9. Love your new do. Very becoming indeed. Aren't grandsons such handy little critters????? Glad you are getting time with your grands again this summer. Nothing replaces those shared moments in time.
    The pool looks like fun, enjoy.

  10. Love the new cut! I think it's actually a good length for you.

    I have been SO LAZY this year - Mike's been busting his butt in the garden & yard & I've been watching him (with the occasional bout with the mower). I need to get it in gear. Or borrower your grandboy. One or the other :)


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