Sunday, October 20, 2013

short stories 13

My new confederate rose, the one that volunteered last year and is now 8' tall has started blooming. The new flowers are opening white! They turn pink throughout the day, darkening to dark pink by the time they close up. I've seen bushes around that did that my my two that were so gorgeous last year and totally diseased this year never did that.

The pecan trees started dropping mature pecans several weeks ago. So far I've picked up about a gallon. Last year was phenomenal, the best year ever, with several hundred pounds of pecans. I don't expect too many this year though as the trees are not very laden.

The 13 Acre Field behind us is looking beautiful with the fall grasses blooming and waving in the wind. I expect they'll be around to hay the field soon. They always do every time it starts to look really good.

We went to see Gravity this week. Go see it. Just...go see it if it's not too late. In 3D. There's a scene where she sheds a few tears in zeroG and the tears oozed out of her eye, balled up, and then drifted off.

I've almost finished the current model. Not best pleased with it, not through with it, still have to do the stamens and maybe that's what's wrong. Maybe it will somehow come together when I do that part. I usually do it all together but for some reason I thought it would be easier to do it separate and add it in. I'm mostly just settling. It'll do, like the pig. I really liked the picture though. I wish I could have done a better job of it.

We finished this panel last week. 47” x 23”. This is the panel that I previously wrote about that goes into the had-been-window that now looks from the bathroom into the closet. I have to schedule the installation now.

We've been getting some pretty awesome sunsets now that we are getting our fall rains. The clouds were looking like the tendrils of jellyfish the other evening (on max zoom and enhanced).


  1. Ok , this post just blew my tiny mind, in such a god way! Roses that pinken as the day stretches into evening, just tooo cool. Your work always makes my jaw drop- such splendid work you do! The 13 acres of grass, the amazing jelly fish sky- beautiful! The lovely visuals of this post feed my eyes and heart and imagination- most inspiring, thanks Ellen-you are amazing, as always! LOVE

  2. not a god way...that was intended as GOOD but I suppose if you are Norwegian it is one in the same...

  3. That window makes me smile. I hope it pleases you, too. I do love cranes. I took a picture of two white cranes way out in a wetland. Even on max zoom, they're small.

  4. wow, that sky!!! but WOW that panel!!! i just LOVE that!!! whew!

  5. This post made me envious, of your volunteer rose, the pecans, the opportunities to study nature around you...
    Well, not envious exactly, but happy for you.

  6. like the jellyfish clouds. Your rose looks like a hibiscus family

  7. Oh man I was breathing into a paper bag by the end of that trailer...don't know if I could handle that movie in 3-d which is disorienting to me already for some reason.

    Your latest panel is gorgeous. Wow.

  8. Sunsets gorgeous......yor new piece is quite it

  9. Everything on here is gorgeous!

  10. The clouds! Wow.

    Pecan season - again? Time flies.

  11. short stories win hands down. A bit of variety is the spice of life.
    Good luck with the work.


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