Sunday, July 21, 2013

granny camp 4

When I told Autumn I was going to take four days between Jade's visit and hers so I wouldn't be all tired and cranky when she was here, I had no idea how important those four days would be.

This girl kept me busy.

Autumn, also 15 this year, does not stay up all night and sleep half the day.  She doesn't want her sleep patterns reversed so that when school starts she'll be sleepy all day.  Admirable and smart but it also meant she was usually up not long after me.

We had lots of fun though.

Her first full day here, I worked at the antique store so she busied herself practicing drawing from her new book and working on bracelets and flower headbands.

We shopped the antique stores.

Autumn gets pickled.

She played with fire.

She painted and then rummaged through all my dicroic scraps, jewels, and bits of colored glass to decorate an A.

We went to the movies and saw Monster U. (All three girls wanted to see animated films so I've seen Epic and Despicable Me 2 as well. The boys wanted to see WWZ.)

She talked me into taking her to the beach for the day.

She made strawberry ice cream.

She painted jars with glow in the dark paint but the glow only lasted a minute or two in the dark.

She painted clothespins to display photos of herself and her family.

I signed her up for 3 sessions with the local art teacher and she did two paintings...a watercolor and an acrylic. The teacher was so impressed with her that he sent her home with a watercolor pad, a set of drawing pencils, and a set of watercolor pencils.

And then it was time to take her home.


  1. Looks like a GREAT week! Love the headbands & her artwork. I'm so funny - it took me a minute to figure out why she'd want to do an "A" - ha!

  2. CAMP ELLEN! Best summer camp a kid could ever want! Most impressive crafts and art, wonderful beach shot, so envious.You are the absolute most fun!

  3. i love this girl! first, her pencil drawings of eyes were fabulous!!! i adore that she stayed on sleep schedule. :)

  4. A great week with a super young lady. I, too, am impressed by the discipline!

  5. I want to go to Ellen camp! Linda Sue - yes.

    You're fun and so are your grandkids.

  6. She is certainly talented. I love the eyes!!! Each is a personality. You do provide a nice assortment of activities and I would like to join you.

  7. You have some awesome grandkids Ellen; this one appears to be another artist in the family. They must love coming to stay with you. I can't believe she's maintaining her sleep schedule; I could never do that!

  8. Ooh gosh!!! your grandkids are so cool! and what a fun grandmother you are! I remember going to mine, when I was little, and we did nothing. She watched her soaps! You've inspired all of them...

  9. Again I want to come to Granny camp.

    Great art work.

  10. What a sweetie. She clearly has her granny's artistic talent. Those eyes are amazing. (but she needs to be reminded to reapply sunscreen). ;)

  11. Wow, that's a lot of creativity. I'm exhausted! LOL

  12. Hard to give up on such a lovely lady. I like the sketches but would have her pursue the painting from the actual setting or phoos to embellish them more.I like to do all.

  13. How great is that?
    I want to come over too!

  14. She has an abundance of amazing talents [besides being incredibly cute!].

    Now, I wonder where that DNA came from G'ma?

    Still waiting to hear if my application [along with Gail's] has been approved for camp.

    Hugs and love. Thanks for sharing. She is gorgeous!

  15. Looks like a fun camp to me. Grandkids at the house this week for me. Oh for some peace and quiet.


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