Monday, April 1, 2013


Why is it when we look through a microscope at little things it's 'micro' but when we take a picture of little things with a camera it's called a 'macro'? I did actually look that up in the dictionary and it relates to the size of the lens used, macro, as in the long lens.

I've been taking lot of macros lately but I need a new camera. The viewing screen on mine is so scratched that I have trouble seeing where the focus is, especially in certain kinds of light. The result is I'm not having a lot of satisfactory results.

But I did get a few.

baby gum ball from the sweet gum tree

baby blue eye flower, a woodland wildflower that is established at the city house and trying to get it established at the country house

dewberry blossom, a wild blackberry

bougainvillea bract (?) they don't call it a flower

lyre leaf sage, a wildflower

lantana, a hardy native flowering shrub



shrimp plant flower

nun's orchid


  1. you got LOTS of great macros! loved 'em all! the lantana buds look like tiny little packages waiting to burst open. great job!

  2. You sure did have some success there. Lovely photos. That lantana is just beautiful. And the tadpole surprised me. Macro photography is a lot of fun.

  3. I love the blue eye and the lantana. And the tadpole, of course. I think these turned out well! I never stopped to wonder about the micro/macro thing, which is a very good question -- thanks for sorting that out!

  4. Fabulous photos!! Well done

  5. Love the Nun's orchid, all of them for that matter. Digital macro is tuff. For some reason, harder to get depth of field than with film.

  6. Love these shots Ellen ... I think you know who I am now.

  7. I love these pictures so much. Ever since I was a child I have been fascinated with the tiniest of flowers, most of them what we would call weeds. If they were ten or twenty times their size, they would be prized blooms. I love making tiny bouquets of them and always have.
    You may need a new camera but you do very, very well with the one you have.

  8. Great pictures. I'm impressed you know all the names, too.

  9. Incredible, I had never seen the Nuns orchid

  10. So much beauty right under our nose. Great photos!

  11. you did well, these are definitely presentable. my micro/macro shots rarely work. I can’t hold the camera steady enough.

  12. So lovely! Impossible to choose a favorite, and impossible not to be inspired to play with my camera, just as soon as something-anything blooms around here.

  13. Beautiful photos. I've been experimenting with photography recently but I, too, need a new camera :(


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