Tuesday, April 16, 2013

wherefore art me

I've been bored with or busy or just overwhelmed by the cyber world for several weeks now and while I have had the tabs open I've definitely been disengaged. I haven't even posted on my own blog for over a week, something that has never happened unless I was out of town.

I have been busy trying to get a couple of proposals done (which I haven't completely accomplished), full size art work for two jobs done (which I haven't completely accomplished), spring chores done (always more to accomplish) but being busy never stopped me before from interacting, posting, reading, commenting.

At this point in my life, I want to be more involved in politics but it is so crushing. The constant legislative attacks on women and the poor, the lack of compassion so evident in one of our political parties, the continued adulteration of our food supply which is slowly killing us all and supported by the government, the loss of any real independent mainstream news outlets, and on and on. I need to turn a blind eye for awhile. I probably have half a dozen blog posts in this one paragraph alone but I'm just so weary of it all.

And this past weekend was the garden club's annual Plant and Flower Show which was the biggest show so far with 31 members participating and over 80 entries. More on that in a separate post.

And then Saturday afternoon through Monday night (we didn't get home til about 9PM) I've been sitting in the hospital with my sister while they try to figure out the why of her increasing episodes of chest pains and irregular heartbeat. No definitive answer but a good lead for further exploration. More on that in a separate post...maybe.

We have to head into Houston tomorrow evening to receive glass for the two commissions for which I have not yet finished the full size art work and start fabrication. I hope these don't take us too long because I really am not ready to start the weekly stays in the city. I am really anxious to get at least a small set up out here in the country so that we can do the smaller commissions without having to go into the city.

I have lots of pictures to sort through and share though but I really need to get on top of my work. You'd think that in the last month I'd have had time to do that but I seem to have slipped further behind instead. Not to mention not working on my personal pate de verre work in more months than I can count. It may be a full year by the time I get back to the peach box.

I don't even have the energy to find a single picture to go along with all this and I may not post again for another week.

So that's why no one has seen me around.


  1. i hope your sister will be okay! how frightening...

    good luck with all of the work.

  2. Ellen just going to send along a great big hug!!! I know the feeling

  3. Boy have I ever been there! I really enjoyed my sort of a blog break over Lent...

    Hope your sister gets sorted out!

  4. sounds as thought your Sis is simply a reflection of the times- irregular heart beats. Everything is overwhelming politically, the greed and ignorance is frightening - I have to take steps back away from it all, my remedy is to go out and do random kindness's -anonymously- like a ninja. Only I know and it feels like food to my heart and sense of sanity.

  5. Ellen, I do understand completely....I think we have all been there, or sorta anyway. Hope your sister gets the information and treatment that she needs and deserves. Whenever you post, I'll be reading, even if sometimes, like you, I don't necessarily comment. A fan, Oma Linda

  6. At least your sister is where she can be monitored. You do have you hands full and you must be careful to set aside some pause and meditation/dreaming time to keep your creativity and energies flowing. We blog readers are the least of your priorities!

  7. Healing thoughts for your sister and hoping they discover quickly how to fix things.

    Yep, I think your third paragraph echoes more opinions than you know.

    Glad you have work and that is progressing.

    Hang in there. Drop out a while and do something for you.

  8. We're here when you get a free moment to post again, but it does sound like you have a lot on your plate. I hope your sister is OK!

  9. Didn't need pics, compelling enough. Maybe you're growing and need the energy for that - or 'me' needs rest - look forward to the resultant many 'spin-off' posts.

  10. We always miss you when you aren't around, but don't send out the search party until it has been a week and two days. ::grin:: I figured with spring here you were in the garden.

    I will keep your sister and y'all in my prayers. I hope the news is good and an easy "fix" [for lack of a better word from my addled brain] is in her near future.

    Take care sweetie! Hugs and love, Skip

  11. Know what you mean Ellen. All of the "noise" that surrounds us these days is just too much and along comes a nut case bomber. Geez. But at least you have your garden to keep you sane.

  12. Worrisome news about your sister.

    I don't think it's a bad thing to take a break from blogging. I've been doing this rather a lot in the past few months and it's ok. I doubt anyone even notices when Ed& Reub is quiet for awhile:) Who needs the pressure of publishing on top of everything else?

  13. Blogging will be here when you have time, interest, energy and of course stories. Worry not. Do what you need to do. I'll keep your sister in my best thoughts.


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