Sunday, April 7, 2013

spring chores

What I did yesterday and not necessarily in chronological order:

Fertilized and mulched the rest of the azaleas which was 5 small bushes.

Turned and added dirt to one of the small squares, employing my fire ant remediation system several times and getting the cantaloupe seeds in. I planted about 15 or so and I'm hoping at least 6 of them will sprout as these are last years seeds.

Worked the dirt around the poppies that volunteered in the other small square that had the carrots this winter. The poppies, so lush and tall and blooming so profusely last year have failed to return this year except for a few isolated plants in this square and another in the compost pile. They came up by the hundreds where they were planted last year but then most withered and died. The few that are blooming, are very small. But the rocket larkspur are pretty full.

I took some pictures of Big Mama and fed her some watermelon and then I rinsed out the foam and charcoal felt layers from the filter of her pond which were thick with green slime. I also took some pictures of the new biological water filter/fountain in the small/water lily pond for Gail. It's not quite a biological filter yet as I don't have the gravel, sand, or parrot feather.

Finally got all the rest of the nasturtiums planted, some in the food garden and some in the little garden around the water lily pond. While I was at it I cut back the rosemary by at least a fourth. It is big and was getting greedy.

I planted zinnia seeds again for the third time! The first time I used old seeds and none came up. The second time I bought new seeds and 6 out of the whole packet came up. So now I have planted a new packet.

I transplanted some seedlings of a Texas star hibiscus, a native species, that I had sprouted, into a small pot and got a clump of fern planted.

I moved the naked little boy from his spot on the side of the house around to the back where I want to expand a flower bed. I haven't been able to get anything to grow in the pot on his head where he was so I moved him where he will get more sun. I put new dirt in the pot and planted it with silver pony foot.

I pruned all the dead canes and branches from the climbing rose bushes on the fence in the Little Back Yard and extracted the fallen branch from the pecan tree. As soon as they quit blooming I'm going to prune them back pretty hard as they have become completely unruly.

Then I took a shower. so sorry, you don't get a picture of that.


  1. I wondered about Big Mama when you started cleaing the pond. Gosh, she's good to see again.

  2. I too enjoyed seeing Big Mama....and the rest of your garden the boy planter

  3. I am no off to shower. I have weeded 6 pretty good sized flower/herb beds and mulched 3.5 of them. I don't mulch the herb bed or the bed where I plant annuals. I still have two large beds to mulch and one to weed. I am achy and headed for the shower and then begging hubby to take me out to dinner!

  4. I'm tired just thinking of all that work.

  5. We were robbed. Robbed I tell ya'. We want the shower pic'. ::grinning:: I kid. I kid.

    Your garden is looking great. I got a good chuckle out of the boy with the pot on his head. He just looks so. . .so naked out there with no flowers or greenery [not to mention clothing] to "color" him in. I hope something grows for you this year.

    Oh, if I could grow cantaloupe I would plant my entire back yard with the stuff. As it is we will stick to watermelons this year because those seem to agree with my skill level. But I am jealous of your patch. OH YUM.

    And you know I am sitting here, with a big 'ol smile on my face looking at your girl. She is looking great, munching her melon. Her pond is looking spectacular too. You're a good turtle Momma.

    [I got a nap, can you tell? An email and a comment? I may paint the house at this point. ::grinning::] Take care and have a great week my friend. Hugs, Skip

  6. You’re already gardening, or better, continuing to garden. Nothing here yet, although I did a bit of pruning but there are a few shoots of life visible now that the snow has gone.

    I expect your roses will soon start to flower?

  7. you've been busy! i've not done much in the yard (never really do, though) except mow. big mama looks good!

  8. i can't beleve this is not done. LOL

  9. You have been busy! Good grief. Hope your zinnias take hold!

    Oh, and thanks for telling me about bolting -- I'd never heard that term. And thanks for saving the tadpoles. :)

  10. Down on the allotment most of the weekend but can't even think of planting yet.

  11. I LOVE zinnias - I hope you get gazillions & post pictures :)

    We (by we I mean Mike) uncovered our miniature rose bush from its winter leaf blanket. The daisies, daylilies & a couple of easter lilies are sticking their green heads out of the ground. And the grass is finally starting to look greenish. Maybe I'll actually plant something next weekend.

  12. "Fireant remediation program"? I used to pee on them. Is that what you do?

  13. Such fun to see all the activity, and especially to see Big Mama. Did you get more rain last night? We got just over two inches, and I swear you can hear everything green and growing going "Ahhhhhh...."

    Seems they like showers, too.

  14. You sure have accomplished a lot. I'm happy to see Big Mama again and I'm wondering how you employ fire ant remediation. I hope your pothead statue can grow something this year. :)


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