Friday, April 5, 2013

it was nice while it lasted

I have been trying to stay focused on my work this week and stop wasting spending so much time on-line or out in the yard. The weather has obliged as a cold front came in Tuesday bringing with it some much needed heavy rain accompanied by lightning, thunder, and hail.

Working non-stop basically since last August up until several weeks ago had left us in need of some time off, part of which was spent with the grandkids here during spring break. Not exactly what I would call time off but the following week found me dithering away and remembering how much I like not having to work.

tomatoes (we're heavy on the tomatoes this year) and garlic, lettuce (which is bolting and will be pulled up), okra, zucchini, bell and jalapeno peppers and a japanese eggplant, and cucumbers with onions on the side

I finished planting the garden except for one tomato and the cantaloupe and pole bean seeds but we just now got one of the little squares cleaned out. I got the azaleas fed and mulched and some other things moved from the temporary pots they've been living in for a year and into the ground.

I cleaned out the little pond and was surprised to find it full of tadpoles as well as the minnows that have been keeping the mosquito larva from growing into mosquitos.

This year I added a little pump and a natural water filter and another pot of water lillies.

But that's all over for now, since I do actually have to work and I'm fortunate to still have some work to do.


I am trying my best to ignore the beautiful warm day out there (since I don't have to work in the antique store this Saturday) and make more progress on the full size art work for the ranch house entry and the Leadership Wall and the one proposal I still need to finish.

Yesterday I did the full size 'artistic' drawing of Churchill. Today it's Vince Lombardi.

Edit: the image of Churchill is not my drawing. They gave me a photograph which I manipulated into 5 tones using a graphic program. The drawing part is where I convert the shown manipulated image into a line drawing.


  1. tadpoles! cool! :)

    well, at least you had a little break - enough to want more, though. :(

  2. It's beautiful here too (finally!), but I'm stuck at my desk. I think I'll ask my boss if I can leave early :)

    Winston & Vince - I'm all fascinated!

  3. I've been spring cleaning still...had carpets cleaned etc., etc.
    No new work as yet...darn!!
    Congrats to yours

  4. Both gardens looking good.

    What size pump do you use for that volume of water. I want to get water moving in my garden.

    Do you use pumice stone for your natural filter?

    Inquiring minds want to know.

  5. You're doing better with the gardening than I am.

  6. Why are their no weeds in your garden? You actually expect me to believe that is yours?? Your artwork is fascinating with such unusual subjects.

  7. Very nice, I turned over a few beds today, but it will be a while before planting.Did you know Churchill was a painter? He had a home in Morrocco where he did some of his finest works.

  8. Is that what we call work-life balance. I have trouble slowing down. My leisure often seems to be taken at work pace. My wife has atempted to rein in my tendencies but with little success - though I did play golf with my son yesterday. The first round of golf in over 40 years. It was relaxing and peaceful - apart from the moments when I wanted to scream (very few).

  9. What does "bolting" lettuce mean? And you saved the tadpoles and minnows, right?

  10. YAY for Tadpoles. [Admit it. You thought of all of us, right? giggle]

    And I really like the fountain. Cool.

  11. Your garden is lovely! I always love the progress of the growing things in your yard.

    Tadpoles! Excelletn.

    And your drawing of Churchill is incredible. Wow.

  12. Your garden looks great.I planted a few things last week, cool weather stuff. Tomatoes can't go in for another 6 weeks.

    It's kind of funny to be doing Churchill and Lombardi, one after the other. I mean I love Vince Lombardi and all, but he doesn't have quite the same stature in my mind as Winston Churchill. How many leaders are there?

  13. Looking forward to seeing the finished project which incorporates Churchill!

    Garden looking good - I have zippo planted.


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