Friday, February 1, 2013

residential window

We finished the last piece of the residential commission we got right before Invesco funded us for the two walls for their offices.

I'll have to go back once the master bath is finished (no tub, no toilet, no shower door which is etched but not installed yet, they haven't even started grouting the tile or the marble floor) to get a better picture.

I usually prefer to wait until the bathroom is finished before we install our glass but apparently there is going to be a statue involved with the tub that would make the installation of the window much more difficult so we installed it yesterday.

I don't think there is one square inch of this house that isn't decorated. The tile in the kitchen, which I saw for the first time yesterday, is gorgeous! Once I go back to do a more professional picture of the window, shower door, and laundry and pantry doors, maybe I'll take some quick snaps of some of the details in this house.

Here is a series of in progress pics and an installation shot.

  cutting and marking up the stencil

starting the sandblasting

carving all done


It's an east facing window so I'll have to go back either earlier in the day or later to get an even lighting of the window.

the custom tile that marches around the master bath is even more elaborate in the shower


  1. Love your window!
    You do know that you've wet our appetite for the rest of the house!

  2. Ooh gorgeous window! I like their jungle theme - wonder if they'll have some nice green plants in the bathroom too?

  3. Can you write more about how you "carve." I'd love to know.
    Years and years ago we met a young fellow who sandblasted his pictures into glass. We have one, a vase of flowers. My sister attempted the technique, and I have a mirror that I treasure. A duck landing among cattails on a pond.

  4. Oh just WOW! A house of Ellen would be so f-n amazing! People would come from far and wide to marvel!

  5. Elephants in the bathroom!!! And a statue? Who are these people?

    I love your work. Looking forward to your pics.

  6. oh, my! Fantastic doesn't do it justice!

  7. Beautiful work! And I love the elephant tile, too. I'm a little alarmed by the prospect of a statue in the bathroom, but since it's not my bathroom, who am I to say?

  8. Gorgeous window!! I love it!

  9. I recently had a dream about a house where there was glass like you make. After I woke up and thought about the glass, I thought of you!


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