Saturday, February 9, 2013

impatient blooms

Well, there is no doubt that it's really spring. The birds are chirpy, the male cardinals singing their love songs and chasing uninterested females around the yard, the mockingbirds are singing on high perches.

The azaleas are blooming, unheard of the first week of February. Oh, there are always a few eager beavers, but whole bushes are blooming. The roses have put on buds and I haven't even pruned them back yet. The lantana and yellow bells and confederate rose have popped out and I haven't cut them back either.

Last week in the city I saw pear trees blooming right on schedule but they were looking very confused because they were leafing out at the same time. The Japanese magnolias are already almost bloomed out and I saw a red bud tree in full bloom though mine is just now showing buds. One of my neighbor's peach trees is in full bloom and his apple tree is full of nearly open buds. The fringe flower bushes are showing a few flowers, uncertain as to if they should really be blooming now.

None of this would be particularly remarkable if it wasn't barely barely mid-February.

Coming back from the city this week, the grass in everyone's yards seemed a little greener with the eager larkspur showing off while their smaller cousins garner the energy. Despite the emergence of the maple's blooms last week, it hasn't yet put on any true leaves and the other trees are holding firm. Pecans are always the last to be convinced anyway.

It's all very strange. We're having an unprecedented early spring and the Northeast is getting pounded with snow.

a few random photos:

The first of the small red lilies that will blanket the yard in blooms in a few weeks time.

The ground orchid (bletilla) fully open.

Buddha abides.


  1. Beautiful photos. Wow, can't believe they are blooming. You must be in warmer climate than we are having here in Ohio. Butt freezing cold still and I have not seen anything blooming yet.
    Blessings to you for sharing these lovely photos that remind me this weather will not last and blooms are ahead in my future.

  2. It always amazes me how early spring arrives in your neck of the woods. It will be at least two and a half months away. But it sure is lovely to see yours on its way.. early or not. Beautiful pics, Ellen.

  3. you're definitely ahead of us here, just a couple of hours north. we're not blooming and the mockers aren't even singing yet. :)

  4. Saw a blue Orchid today that said take me home, but passed.Looking at seed packets otherwise.

  5. Here in England I've seen crocuses (croci?) but that's it so far this year. In Florida, my mom's azaleas usually come out in February...but yeah, it does seem a bit early for everything else. I just hope a late freeze doesn't nab it all.

  6. That third picture (pear tree?) is purrrfect! You should send a bit of spring to New York. Some of my friends are making snow flowers and aren't too happy about it ;-)

  7. Beautiful! And most appreciated by those of us who long for a bit of color by now. Happy Spring.

  8. Snowing again over here ...

  9. Spring! Our winter is very cold and lingering after a very warm January. I am glad because we were getting buds way too early for insects.

  10. Oh here I am the voice of gloom & doom. I'm not happy if spring is too early! Then what will summer be like? Grumble grumble grumble. As much as I complained about snow when we first moved to Xenia I'm now complaining about lack of snow.

    That being said - PRETTY! Sigh.

  11. I live on the prairie and we were distraught to see our trees budding. This is about a month early. At least. And the second year in a row.

    Makes you think about global warming.

  12. Funny - I'm not seeing so much happening down here along the bay, but I don't get out and about much.

    What I'm hearing are the birds. The doves are in full throat, cooing to one another, and I'm in the process of figuring out pretty easily which of my pigeons are boys and which are girls. The osprey are back - AND I found two more mallard eggs on the docks. I think the first-time mamas get confused about what they're supposed to do.

  13. You have azaleas? Wow.

    I heard a big cold front is coming, even to your landscape. Hope the flowers survive!


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