Tuesday, February 19, 2013

tempest in a teapot

It seems some sort of sanity has been restored pursuant to my last post. After three rude and somewhat insulting emails from the husband and my snarky calm, diplomatic, and educational responses, I fully expected to receive a reply saying that they would not be paying me the balance owed. It was all I was waiting for in order to start the legal proceedings. After all, in his last email, he told me to 'fix the lizard' (in a way that illustrated his complete ignorance of what was done or what could be done) or come get the window and give them their money back. What I got instead was a conciliatory note from the wife, who I had been dealing with throughout the commission. She loves the window, has accepted the fact that the lizard is not highly visible, and that we would most certainly get paid.

So it turned out to be a tempest in a teapot but it would have been nice if they hadn't added a huge negative layer to my weekend.

Other than that we have been so busy finishing up the three residential commissions we received during the Invesco project that have been waiting so patiently. The third one should get finished this week and then next week we should have two installations.

In the off days, when we aren't in the shop doing fabrication, I've been working on the images for the most recent commission, a 'leadership wall' in the conference room of a business. Four quotes and portraits of men that the head honcho finds inspiring etched on wall mounted panels. This is a very challenging job as I've never done anything quite like this before. I usually shy away from portraits but they say they don't want straight portraits but want them treated 'artistically', whatever the fuck that means. Anyway, another couple of long days and I should be ready for a presentation to them.

I'm so happy to have so much work, have two more residential projects to submit a proposal for, after that very long dry spell, but it would be nice to have a week or so between jumping from one commission to the next. Soon. We should be done with all fabrication and installations in the next couple of weeks, at least until I get the sketches approved and the full size drawings done for the leadership wall.

In the meantime, it's still spring here, beautiful days interspersed with cold, overcast, and rain...typical spring weather for us. I did spend the day in the yard on Sunday, my one day off these days but it has been so consistently windy the last week that I haven't been able to get any good pictures.

Hopefully the work load will let up some in the coming weeks and I will find the time and energy to post about other things a little more often.


  1. I'm glad you have a good resolution to the window issue. I was about to say "men can be so bombastic" - but really in our marriage I'M the bombastic one :)

    Can't wait to see what you come up with for the portraits. You made me laugh talking about them.

    It's still NOT spring here, but I'm ok with that. At least the days are getting longer thank goodness. I like being able to see the bleak landscape for more hours. Heh.

  2. you really are ahead of us with spring. although i've cut part of the yard twice, we're just beginning to see some spring beauties and small bluet. nothing budding yet.

    really hope the wife comes thru on that deal!

  3. I am so glad there was a voice of reason (the wife) and you didn't have to go the legal route. As a business owner, I know you have to choose your battles wisely. Even if you win, getting the money is not guaranteed!

  4. Well, then good! Onwards and upwards. Too bad they had to take whatever was going on with them out on you!

    A leadership wall, eh? You will put great mojo in that, Ellen.

  5. So glad that worked out. May the neighbor enjoy the view!

    Spring is coming here, on the wind and in the cold but coming.

  6. after all, in real life do we notice every danged lizard that walks by? I am glad you are happy with the outcome..:)

  7. after all, in real life do we notice every danged lizard that walks by? I am glad you are happy with the outcome..:)

  8. did i say that twice,,,? guess so

  9. Why do people have to be so rude ? I don't know how you deal with them as well as you do. Glad you didn't have to sue to get paid.

  10. I love hearing about the work. It means you have it!

    That poor wife. She probably keeps a separate checking account to handle these problems.

  11. Glad the tempest was just a small rumble. Emails are the worst way to settle issues. Much better face to face or on the phone.

  12. WELL, civility after all- how surprising and most welcomed!Lovely spring!

  13. OK, that's good news. How annoying. I'm glad it's over, or almost over with those two. I was going to offer to come get that window myself, because personally I think lizards are MUCH better when they're subtle.

    jeez, you have so much work this year. When it rains it pours.

  14. Glad it worked out. So, let me guess, the four great leaders are... Mao, Lenin, Gandhi and Reagan?

  15. It's a shame that they felt they had to be so difficult but I'm glad that at least one of them can see reason. It's such a lovely piece.

  16. Beautiful blooms, we are under a major weather watch with a foot of snow coming tomorrow evening.

  17. Oh, thank goodness. I'm so glad the window issues worked out.

    Is that a redbud in your photo?

  18. Yes it sure would have been nice it they would have just appreciated the work and not complained so much...that sucks!!
    Glad it is resolving though
    Congrats on all the work
    I am still in a dry spell
    You start questioning who you are after awhile!! Sheesh

  19. Some folks are tough to please but I'm glad the window issue seems resolved.

  20. I am sorry I missed the previous post. I think I would've had a few choice words for them myself, but very happy that at least the wife is sane. But remember she has to live WITH HIM. HA! Poor woman.

    Glad you have all this work and I too can't wait to see the finished products.

    Enjoy your weekend and no working too hard. Mom says. XO SkippyMom


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