Sunday, February 3, 2013

movie date

Yesterday was my only Saturday off for the month. The other Saturdays every month, I work at the antique store.

The last time I had a Saturday off, was the first Saturday in September. The first Saturday in October the map wall was installed, the first Saturday in November I was working on some cast pieces for the upcoming Open House, the first Saturday in December was the Open House, and the first Saturday in January the mountain wall was installed.

Week before last, Robin, the youngest grandgirl, was hanging out with us one evening in our little 'apartment' in the city when I mentioned I wanted to see Hansel and Gretel and that Grampa didn't want to go.

'I want to go', Robin piped up.

So, yesterday, I hopped in the truck and drove to Houston to pick up Robin and we went and watched Hansel and Gretel kick some serious bad ass witches' butts.

In 3-D.

Lots of exploding heads and gore flying right in your face.

They were pretty bad ass themselves. Any one single blow, of which they were on the receiving end of many, would have laid me out for the duration. After Gretel head butted someone for about the fifth time, Robin says, 'she sure likes to use her head as a weapon'.


They sure had a lot of witches in Germany back then.


  1. Official black forest fire arms and everything! I couldn't do H&G. I wanted to see Lincoln, but no takers, so I'll catch it on the small screen. Condensed.

  2. I wasn't sure what all was in this movie, it sounds interesting. I go by myself and sometimes watch a couple when I have the chance.

  3. Yes, I'd like to see that one, but it is on the bottom of my long list of movies I have yet to see. Waiting for them to come to my TV.

  4. My, Hansel and Gretel have sure grown up since I last came across them. And where on earth did they get those weapons?

  5. You are the best Granma! Too cool. Now can you PLEASE come up here and take your "honorary" grandchild Wallene to these movies? She loves them too, and I can't stand 'em. heehee

    Although I have to say you do an awesome job of enticing someone like me to watch. There may be hope for Wallene yet.

    Have a good week. And if I forgot to email you back [I did, didnt' I? oops] THANKS for the pic' of Big Mama. She's adorable, in a shreddy kind of way. :D

  6. Hmmm...I do not know this movie. Clearly I'm out of the loop! I thought Hansel and Gretel were CHILDREN. Call me crazy.

  7. I want the weaponry and her jacket ;-)

  8. My grands saw this I want to see it. They enjoyed it.
    And that is a cool jacket

  9. Not your grandparent's Hansel and Gretel

  10. Dang girl! Wish you had call me so I could go see this gem with you! In 3-D, Wow! Bad-ass. Reya might have a problem with the witch hunting!

    I like what Mr. Charleston said...


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