Thursday, February 23, 2012

Marc makes a bird

My last post was about Kari Russell-Pool and her demo on lampworking. Today I am sharing Marc Petrovic's demo. He works out of the furnace instead of with a torch to create his beautiful pieces and birds are a big part of what he does.

© Marc Petrovic
Bluebird Preserve, 2010
blown, hot sculpted
26" x 10.5"

Marc Makes A Bird

shaping the first gather of clear glass from the furnace

sifting blue powdered glass onto the gather

melting the color into the gather in the glory hole

shaping the gather on the marver table

gathering a layer of clear glass over the blue from the furnace

shaping the gather (that's wet newspaper in his hand)

starting to define the head from the body

reheating (a lot of this goes on)

defining and shaping the wings and tail

back in the glory hole

working on the wings

reheating with a torch (a lot of this went on too)

transferring the bird to a punty rod

starting to shape the head

adding glass for the beak

making the eyes

positioning the head

almost done

the finished bird off the punty and headed for the annealer to cool off


  1. Wow - that is SO cool! Or I guess actually red hot :)

    Two of my favorite books involve glass artists (Dick Francis & Nora Roberts). The Dick Francis one was especially fascinating because it was a mystery & some of the action took place in the workshop.

  2. holy smokes, this was fascinating! i can't imagine the HEAT!

  3. What an amazing process to see and I love the bird cupped in those gloved hands. Glass is magic stuff!

  4. What an extraordinary skill to forge a bird out of glass! Thanks for sharing all the steps with us.

  5. How'd he get them birds in thet bottle?

  6. GREAT! Thanks for taking us along! Incredible!

  7. I am just in awe of all creativity and skill!

  8. this was fascinating, I have always admired the work but never really saw even some of the steps before. Thanks for sharing. Oma Linda

  9. Beautiful work. In a way, as beautiful as our real feathered friends.

  10. Wow!! I loved watching the process and the bird is fabulous!

  11. there is a studio close to me where I like to go watch

  12. his art is really beautiful
    there is a glass works place in my old neighborhood of Brooklyn and I really need to visit them next time I'm there - they have guided tours and artist talks

  13. Right, your turn next.
    Seriously, it almost seems impossble to do what you folks are doing.

  14. I agree with Friko. It does indeed seem impossible. Just amazing talent this couple has.


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