Thursday, February 16, 2012

winter garden revisited

Well, the winter garden has about petered out. 

The lettuce is bolting, 

the spinach has been discovered by bugs, 

what's left of the broccoli is blooming, 

and the peas seem confused. 

The carrots, though, are wonderful. I started pulling them out a week or so ago.

I have a new food to add to my list of 'never eaten before'...turnips from Frank of the bountiful least knowingly, on purpose, cooked in my own kitchen. And they were surprisingly good, boiled with butter and salt and pepper. They had been pulled out of the ground only a few hours before being eaten.

I'm liking this growing food thing.

We're about ready to do some major work on our garden, expanding the one and adding a few more small raised beds over by the other. All it has to do is stop raining.

Ha! I never thought I would say that again!


  1. shh about the rain! :)

    i admire you for gardening...

  2. I've never knowingly eaten turnips either (well, I've eaten turnip greens - yuck!). I wonder if daddy's wife ever cooks them?

  3. Congratulations on all those wonderful veggies...especially at this time of year...

  4. I'm with Judy. With winter spending as much time in Texas as Rick Perry, you have to be thankful for all of the above! EFH

  5. I keep wishing I liked turnips, but nope. Those carrots are beautiful. Enjoy enlarging your garden. I think gardening--even though I was mostly a flower and herb gardener--will be the one thing I miss from my house.

    Perhaps a container garden. Regardless, Judy and Expat covered things well.

  6. My garden is much the same. And dammit, my chickens got in there yesterday and ate all of my newly-planted Brussels sprouts. Durn chickens.
    We cook the turnips, peeled and cubed, with the greens, then eat them with vinegar. Yum.

  7. YUM- your carrots are fabulous! Great green thumb you have there...and sun I suppose helps a lot.

  8. Yep, be careful what you wish for after last year. Glad you are getting the rain.

    Turnips are so yummy mashed and in soups too. And I love cooked turnip greens [it's like kale and collards] omgosh I am getting hungry.

    I envy you your garden. I wish we had the room. Your winter garden sure did produce gorgeous produce.

  9. Turnips are the second most wonderful vegetable to come out of the ground. Taties are the first. I will never forget my husband's aunt pulling turnips out of my garden and waving them about in wild delight. Her first since childhood. We had mashed turnips with butter, salt and pepper for dinner.

  10. Never a fan of the turnip but the carrots look yum yum yummy. You have rain? I think we're supposed to get it Saturday. Bummer.

  11. Yaaay for rain!

    I just bought some turnips and now have to figure out what to do with them. I couldn't resist their lovely pink-and-greenness. But they won't be as good as yours because they aren't as fresh.

  12. I like the turnips raw, shredded in a salad.My momm fixed the half and half with potatoes

  13. I'm not a great fan of turnips but I've never tasted them that fresh, so perhaps I could be converted. The spinach looks fine, just make sure it's well washed!

  14. Oh I love turnips...buttered...yummers!

  15. Fresh vegetables!!

    I love them all. Aren't turnips wonderful? Yum. Mashed with butter, salt and pepper? So simple, and so delicious.


  16. There's nothing like eating home grown, fresh vegetables.

    Be glad about the rain, you'll need it if you want to grow veg.

  17. It's good to hear someone say turnips taste good because it has been so long since I have tasted those, I can't remember if I liked them. The carrots look great. We tried to grow them in Florida, but they never tasted other than bitter. It must have been poor soil. I love carrots from the market because they taste sweet even when raw. Maybe my taste buds have changed.


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