Friday, February 3, 2012

no doubt

Well, one thing happened while we were in Austin last week.

Spring happened.

Everything is busting out. Well, not everything, but a lot of things.

We had had some rain while we were gone and it rained again today. Thursday morning, when I went out and looked around at the yard, Spring was apparent every where I looked. And on a trip into the city today japanese magnolias and carolina jasmine were in full bloom and the baby blue eyes and african lilies and red bud tree were starting up.

bletilla or ground orchid

confederate rose

gerber daisy

rocket larkspur

peach tree



  1. wow! you're definitely a bit ahead of us here in the dallas area. i sure hope we don't get walloped in march w/ ice and snow!

  2. These are truly amazing photographs Ellen! So totally beautiful.
    We've gotten the same rain you have. Now it is beginning to seem like too much.
    Perhaps Spring is sprunging already.

  3. Gorgeous! But I had the same thought as TexWisGirl. I'm a pessimist. Sigh.

  4. It seems unreal to see the flowers in bloom in only February! Though given the warm winter we've had here, I'm almost expecting to see the crocuses poking through the ground.

  5. I just noticed some daffodils poking up here in OR. But I think you are at least a month or more ahead of us. You're pretty far south though, so maybe this is about right for you?

  6. Holy WOW! That gerber daisy is gorgeous.

    I think the cold weather is finally rolling in here. Our first snow!

  7. Same here. Azaleas and red bud. The fig has buds. The camellias are going strong. The Japanese magnolias. My buck-eye is budding up. Crazy.

  8. Beautiful indeed! I hope you get enough rain this year to keep things in check and blooming! Lovely shots, Ms. Ellen!

  9. Nice to see it is getting close, we had 8 inches of snow last night.


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