Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Kari makes a flower

We had a great time visiting with Marc Petrovic and Kari Russell-Pool and their two daughters who were in town for the opening of their show at Hooks-Epstein Gallery here in Houston. The work at the show is really beautiful and on Sunday they both did demonstrations of their techniques at Dick and Kathy's glass blowing studio. Monday evening we gathered at our friends' house for dinner and socializing before we headed back to Wharton and Kari and Marc head home.

©Kari Russell-Pool
Blue and Pink Cylinder - Tacoma Series, 2011 

lampworked glass

14.5" x 12"dia

Kari Makes A Flower

making petals

building the base

assembling the flower

tomorrow...Marc Makes A Bird


  1. holy cow, that's beautiful! and amazing! and artful!

  2. Wow, to make something like that with your bare hands, just amazing. That must be a wonderful feeling to make that type of beautiful flower.

  3. That is the most intricate glasswork I've ever seen! It is exquisite! I can't wait for tomorrow's. It must have been wonderful to see her doing this in person.

  4. So it looks like you pull the glass up from the base by melting it and shaping it as it melts. Is that kind of how it works?
    I would burn myself sooner or later, but gosh it is beautiful!

  5. I scrolled through the photos several times - what an amazing process and fantastic finished product.

  6. Amazing! And gorgeous. Boy I would NOT have the patience for that - I would totally half-ass it & say that flowers are never perfect anyway. Which is why I'm not an artist :)

  7. Beautiful step by step pictures. What a wonderful result.

  8. Oh my goodnes, that is so delicately intricate and beautiful, Ellen - I love the step by step photo's, walking us through the process - what talented friends you have!

  9. Genius and I'll show my wife, she'll be inspired. I do, however, fear that flame!

  10. Wow.. what a process... and so beautiful.


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