Friday, December 30, 2011

white wing doves

Woke up to fog this morning and two hours later it is still foggy, maybe even less bright than it was earlier though it is supposed to burn off.

There is a huge flock of white wing doves that has been hanging out around here. They are big clumsy birds and noisy fliers.

This morning about two dozen of them were crowding around the turtle pond getting drinks and taking turns bathing.

They entertained me for about 20 minutes this morning while I took pictures through the window and screen.

It may look like they are walking on water, but they are actually standing on the turtle's sunning stone which is submerged from all the rain we had last week.

The ones flying in for the submerged stone would sometimes miss their mark and land in the water instead or get pushed off the edge if too many birds were trying to occupy it at the same time.

They sit on the edge of the pond and lean way over for a drink, sometimes losing their balance in the process.

Others are perched on the fence rail or the branches above waiting for an opportunity to barge in.


  1. how cool to see so many! but i'm laughing at your description of their clutziness! :)

  2. They are lovely, fog and all.

    For a second or so, I thought they were standing on the turtles!

  3. Isn't it wonderful to be able to stand and stare and have entertainment laid on at no cost!

    Happy New Year, dear Ellen; I'm looking forward to meeting up for another blogyear.

  4. These poor clutzy wonders are plentiful around here and I must admit they are not my faves....noisy, pitifully awkward but some of natures gifts anyway. I love the pool shots and can just imagine the stunned look that we see so often when one makes a mistake the others shoot there head forward as though to say, What????how did that happen?

  5. Birds are so funny, particularly doves, but they are all entertaining to watch. Here, we seem to only have crows, and of course the hawks. Both are a given.

  6. A very nice selection, I have practiced many of their calls.

  7. That first picture is so hauntingly beautiful. I love fog. We get a lot of it here.

    The birds are funny. Wonder how the turtles felt about having visitors?

  8. What a crew!! And clumsy!! Ha!
    Have the happiest


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