Thursday, December 15, 2011

enough cold for color

While I didn't take any pictures of the very colorful trees in the city, I did take some of the ones in our yard when we got home. These trees all turned during the three days we have been gone, well except for the tallows which were giving us some brightly mottled red, orange, and green colored leaves. Now, though, they've all gone mostly yellow.

a tallow on the edge of the driveway

one of the three big pecans in the big backyard

the maple

the oak by the garage

another tallow with the oak behind it


  1. What pretty trees you have my dear. Said the fox.

  2. they're so beautiful! so glad we got the color we did this year!

  3. They are indeed lovely. It's interesting to see trees which still have leaves. Ours have been bare for several weeks.

  4. Very pretty. All the leaves have fallen here and I really enjoyed seeing the white maples on our little trip to pick up Squirrel. They line the highway and there is something so eerily beautiful when they are devoid of their leaves, with just their white bark a contrast against the sky.

    No, no pictures. Wallene was asleep. :)

    Enjoy being home.

  5. Just today I noticed the Japanese maples, crepe myrtles, cypress and Bradford pear are turning - fast. Burgundy, red, orange, orange-yellow.
    It's a surprise, since I thought the drought had taken away the possibility of color.

    Yours are beautiful - what a treat.

  6. So beautiful!! Here we have lots of snow and no leaves left on the trees at all!!!

  7. These are beautiful. The leaves here are long gone. Nice to see the golds and oranges.

  8. Such large, majestic trees. I liked Pecan pies when in the States. Never had any ever since. Our leaves have all fallen, too, and now it has started to RAIN. Your trees brighten my day!


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