Saturday, December 31, 2011


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Like just about everyone else I'm reflecting on the year that is ending. My first immediate response was...good; good riddance, glad for this one to be done, just like the last one.

But then, upon further reflection I remembered that although the state of the economy and this nation is still depressed and struggling, that despite the extremism that has taken hold of congress and their contempt for the people they are supposed to represent and the powers that be that continue to stomp on our civil rights, that even though we continue to personally struggle to keep afloat in a climate where art isn't even on the list of things for people to buy because the system itself helps the rich get richer while everybody else loses their jobs and their savings and their homes and their health and finally their lives, that although we suffered through the worst heat and drought on record resulting in the deaths of millions of trees; that even though all those things and more, a lot of good things happened too and there was a lot of joy in my life in the last 12 months.


Watching the birds at the birdbath.

Picking food out of the garden that I grew myself.


Wearing my woven plaid western style flannel shirts with the pearl snaps.

My grandkids visiting and face timing me when they don't.

My anti-social cat climbing in my lap for a short while when it is late and just the two of us are up.

The small jobs and sales, the part time job that came along just in time.

Seeing my sister begin to emerge from her cocoon of grief.

The smiles and friendliness of small town life.

Seeing the finished work of my students.

Waking up in the morning with my husband next to me.

The love and support of my family and friends whether virtual or otherwise.

For all that and more I am grateful.

Happy New Year to all.

May the coming 12 months be bountiful.


  1. A lovely reflection. Happy new year to you.

  2. Well said as always......lots to be grateful for in the face of ugly. Hoping your 2012 is filled with miracles of joy..the kind that tickle your fancy. Oma Linda

  3. May 2012 bring you more gifts of presence and appreciation of the things that really matter, like joy, kindness, playfulness...and turtles basking in the sun.

  4. I am so glad someone else "sees the forest for the trees" so to speak. I was starting to get depressed hearing everyone's farewells to 2011 and how they were so glad it was going, when things could be worse. Much worse. I know everyone has their own burdens to bear, but sometimes you do have to look to the good. Life is too short not to and the last two digits of the calendar aren't going to make a lick of difference in that.

    Hope you have a safe and happy NYE. :)

  5. Ah, the list can go on, if we just allow ourselves to not take things for granted. Great reflection, Ellen.
    Happy New Beginnings.

  6. Wow, awesome photos throughout your blog, I'm just now checking it out, very impressive work!

  7. A good list. May it grow. Happy new year.

  8. ellen - hmmmm i've nver wished even the most crap years good riddance and i'm not a "better person" for that but it's not in my nature. i loved that you pulled the details out of the hat of your year and recognized them. a lovely new year for you ellen. steven

  9. So much to be grateful for, Happy New Year!

  10. Happy New Year and may all your dreams come true.

  11. Happy New Year dear friend!!


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