Thursday, December 29, 2011

the winter garden and other stories

The weather has been outstanding the last three days. With the solstice came a thunderstorm, rain, overcast skies, and cold. My blood has slowed and thickened, my brain incapable of processing the higher functions. A couch, a blanket and a book have been about all I've been about.

This last week of the year, coming as it does between christmas and January is a lost week. People are drained from the expectations and activities of the holiday season. It's just as well no one really expects anything to get done during this time because nothing is going to get done. Around here the cold days and overcast skies were like a hand holding me down.

It cleared up Tuesday though and started a warming trend. Tuesday all I could do was admire it. Wednesday I thought of a lot of things I ought to be doing. Today I finally shrugged off my lethargy and actually got a few things accomplished, puttering around outside soaking up the sun.

mustard greens, kholrabi, cauliflower, cabbage, turnips, mustard greens, broccoli

My neighbor Frank of the bountiful garden, whose wife recently died, doesn't seem to remember that he must harvest his produce. The chain has been broken and he has no one to bring the harvest to. I've been checking on his garden now and then and I noticed that beans had gone unpicked, broccoli is flowering. His son Alan comes over regularly and today he gave us a broccoli and a cauliflower and a couple of kholrabis.

Here's a picture of the food he gave us.

I put the quarter there to give you some idea of the size but it doesn't really convey how big they are.

So I put my hand in there.


Later I picked a big bowl of spinach and lettuce from my garden. And harvested my first carrot. According to the package I should be able to harvest my carrots.

So I did a test.

It's tiny.

Perhaps they will be spring carrots.


  1. oh, kohlrabi!!! my favorite fresh veggie from my childhood!

    glad you're feeling better so you could get out and enjoy some of our gorgeous 'winter' weather!!! :)

  2. That's about all the carrot I would ever want :)

    I've been at work yesterday & today - & tomorrow too - but my BOSS is on vacation so it's been deliciously quiet. I needed some quiet after our trip!

  3. That is one huge broccoli and cauliflower. You could eat that all week. Looks tasty. Maybe he's using plant food or something. I never could get stuff I planted to grow very large either.

  4. I bet Frank and his late wife used to garden together. It's hard to approach the things one used to share with loved ones, once they are gone.

    Great that the son is harvesting, though; a garden shouldn't go unloved or uneaten. They broccoli and cauliflower look preciously yummy. And your carrots? Spring; definitely spring carrots lol

    I hope you are having a lovely holiday, aside from the lethargy. I've been experiencing a bit of the latter myself, but I'm coming out of it, too.

  5. I love kholrabis; I grow them here in my garden, and they're called phulgobis....

    All the best for 2012 Ellen...thanks for your visits and friendship in 2011....

  6. What a beautiful and productive garden he has! Love the produce!
    Poor carrot. Guess it is spring for them!
    Hugging you

  7. His garden looks so lush. It must be amazing to be able to grow and harvest that in December. Wow. I am sorry for Frank that he seems a little lost without his wife.

    Happy you could get outside and enjoy. I bet your carrots will perk [plump] up soon.

  8. I am in awe of what grows in Texas in December! Good eating.

  9. Fresh sounds so nice, I think the carrots will take a bit longer.

  10. Holy cow those veggies are huge except your carrot. Beautiful garden.

    You know it warms my heart to see that you've taken some down time. Yes!

  11. I am in awe of such produce in the winter. Actually, I'm in awe of such produce anywhere. I didn't know they still made it like that without yellow around the florets.
    So can you all keep gardens year round?


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