Saturday, December 24, 2011

on the eve

The grandkids are gone back home and the house is quiet again.  And cold.  Those four additional bodies added a lot of heat to the house.  And noise.  And energy.  And germs.  The twins were sick and now I am getting it.  I can't remember the last time I was sick.  One of the benefits of being a hermit.

Sunday night all four of the grandkids arrived for the week. On Wednesday morning my sister brought over the little dogs.  She has gone to have Christmas with her elder daughter and her family.  Which means that I am working for her at the store while she is gone.  I worked Wednesday and Thursday and the kids were retrieved on Friday.

And the little dogs are very sad. We don't play with them like the kids do.

When my daughter and I were making plans for the kids to come, I told her that I would be working at the store those days.

"And Dad's OK with that?" she said.

"Well, he didn't say 'No, hell no'", I answered.

Later, telling Marc about my conversation, he said he didn't think he had a choice.

"You don't." 


So, this is sort of entertaining, working at the store.  All sorts of people come in.  That is when people come in.  So far, I've had enough people come in on my days to break up the hours but my sister has had many days when not a single person has come in.

Thursday an older lady came in and looked around the store and as she was leaving she told me that we had two paintings in the other room that she had done many years ago and had sold them in a garage sale.

I saw them the last time I was here and was wondering if anyone had bought them” she said. “They're the ones of the boats with houses behind them.”

Well, you already got rid of them once” I told her when she mused about whether she should buy them.

After she left I was curious and went around the shop to see which ones they were.

They were 'paint by number' pictures.


Well, it's christmas eve for those of you who celebrate this holiday. I'll be working at the store today handing out germs to anyone who ventures in. I don't really expect to see anyone though as it is cold and rainy.

I imagine everyone in this small town has already done all their shopping and they will be snug in their warm dry houses cooking and wrapping presents. As well they should be.

I wish them all a happy time and me a speedy recovery.

sniff, sniff, sneeze


  1. It sounds like your holiday is going well so far and will be better as soon as you get over the sniffles. Continued good times for you.

  2. Hope you get rid of those sniffles. It sounds fun at your end for the holiday.I posted a Dale Chuhuily(sp) installation in my latest post I thought you would enjoy.

  3. Well those small town folks are better than we are around here - sheesh at the number of shoppers still out & about! I'll just stay safe inside my dad's house today thank you :)

    I wish you peace - even if you don't celebrate the holiday I'm hopeful that you can achieve the peace that often eludes those of us who do.

  4. Oh, Ellen, I hope that cold warms up soon! Merry, merry Christmas to you. :)

    (I still have a couple of items to pick up!)

  5. Just stopping by with holiday greetings, and sending you best wishes for peace and happiness in the New Year, Ellen ...

  6. love that - handing out germs to anyone who comes in. :) God bless you!

  7. Sorry to hear about your cold Ellen. Honestly, I do think it helps not being around kids - not getting sick that is.

    All sounds peaceful down there in Texas. Enjoy it while you can.

  8. Get over that thing quickly, hear? No time to be ill, right?
    Sounds like you had a wonderful house full of love. Happy Winter my friend. Oma Linda

  9. Sorry to hear about your cold/flu. You're a good soul to jump in and help everyone. Hope your holidays are merry and bright, somehow.

  10. The other day I wished someone "Happy Holidays". They complained, "I don't like that. Merry Christmas!".
    "Yeah, okay, Happy Hannukah", I replied.

  11. Feel better soon! Can't wait to see you - only a monthish away!

  12. Wonderful post Ellen. I hope you are recovering and getting healthy. May you have peace, love, and happiness now and in the year to come.

  13. Busy, busy. I hope you're feeling better before too long and that you can enjoy some of the holiday season. The paint by number line cracked me up.

  14. my son calls Hope a petrie dish
    it all festers within her and then she shares, shares, shares

    feel better

  15. Bless you, Sneezy! And happy holidays, girl.

  16. Take care of yourself Ellen - and may your life always be merry and bright.

  17. I had no idea they still had paint by the number kits! The things I don't know.

    Happy Boxing Day! It's over for another year. Woot

  18. Hope you've managed to shrug off that burgeoning cold. And that you enjoyed your stint as a store keeper. (I spent many a lonely hour in mine, waiting for customers.)


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