Friday, July 22, 2011

some girl time

The second of the grandkid visits is done. Her mom picked her up last Tuesday and so we had a day or two of down time before the next one arrived yesterday evening.

Autumn is one of the twins. They are 13 now. As twins, they are best friends and sometimes best enemies but one thing they have never been is the type to dress alike. Neither has ever been interested in highlighting their twinness. In fact from the moment they could assert themselves they have always made their own choices starting with their favorite colors. Autumn has always been purple and Jade has always been pink. Autumn asked me this visit if that was something they chose or if we appointed those colors to them when they were babies because in all the pictures, Jade has on pink and Autumn has on purple.

No, always your own choice,” I told her.

So, it was with some surprise that, as we were shopping to pick out the fabric for her dress, she had an idea. The pattern for the dress we were going to make is the same pattern that her sister picked out and one of the examples on the pattern envelope was pink with white dots. Autumn saw that very material and also some that was white with pink dots.

Granny, can I call Jade?” she asked, “I want to see if she would want to do our dresses the same, her with the pink and white and me with the white and pink.”

It took us a while to get Jade on the phone as she wasn't at home the first time we called. When Autumn finally got her on the phone, she ran her idea by her sister, listened a moment, said 'OK' and handed me the phone.

So, what did she say?” I asked.

She said,” Autumn mimicked her sister, 'Uh, nooooo.'” using that sassy little lilt that teenagers do so well.

So Autumn picked out a solid purple (all the purple prints were 'old ladyish'). Her actual first choice was a print of multi-colored peace signs but there wasn't enough left on the bolt, so we used it for the sash.

We sewed.

And we made ice cream.

And we made a kite. No wind though so we couldn't fly it yet.

And we went to the movie (Transformers again).

And she cooled off in the small pool.

And we helped my sister clean her new house after the painters were done and move boxes around while Marc mowed her grass.

And she loaded up my iPad with games.

And we ate and we stayed up late together and we talked.


  1. Sounds like a blast! I want to come visit sometime, to sew and make ice cream and cool off in the small pool. You are truly the most fun grandmother EVER.

  2. One heck of a perfect day!

  3. You know I have the grands all the time and that changes how we interact Ry goes back to school 2 weeks earlier than GK and she and I are going to "have a visit" as she put it. When she was younger she used to come here in the summer for a few was such a wonderful time for us and I'm looking forward to have a good time.
    Sounds like you had a super time with your girls. Good for you and them.
    Happy Weekend my friend. Linda

  4. sounds like great girl time. :)

  5. Again with the Transformers? What, no Harry Potter?

  6. Love the dress - purple is one of my favorite colors too. I wish someone had taught me how to sew - but maybe I wouldn't have taken to it then either with my lack of patience for doing it right :)

  7. You are the coolest!
    I do love purple- glad that the other said Um, NOOOO. Purple with a peace sign sash- perfect!
    It is 59 degrees here today- though your little pool looks inviting it does make me shiver!

  8. I like to see the activities that others find to share with their grandchildren. I'm still learning how to entertain them. We are at the stickers/scissors/glue/crayon stage. Anything with glitter is special to a six year old girl. I love the conversations best. Unfortunately, I think of good answers to her questions a week later. The things they say are very surprising.

  9. You are having a lot of fun. My girls always sewed with their grandmother.

  10. I envy you for that time with her!! I wish I had that with mine. When I go to see them am always pushed and pulled in so many directions.

  11. how awesome that you can spend that time with them. i miss my grandkids (who live in washington), but thoroughly enjoy having isaiah aroud.

    when i was growing up, my favorite colors were pink and purple. lol - i still love those colors.

  12. Sounds like you had a great time.

    You know, it strikes me that, left to their devices, those girls would probably have very similar tastes. How about a little experiment? With their permission, of course?

  13. Sounds like a lot of fun and some good quality time with the grand girl. Love the dress! She did a great job!


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