Wednesday, July 13, 2011

flying cars?

the Transition by Terrafugia

I got an email from my high school boyfriend the other day letting me know that my flying car is now available. Only problem is, it looks and acts like a small plane. Needs a runway to take off and land. The thing that makes it a flying car, they say, is that the wings fold up after landing and you can drive it home.

This does not qualify it as a flying car.

It's still a small plane and requires a pilot's license to fly. I suppose not having hangar fees or having to deal with a left behind car is a plus and a little bush hopper of a plane that only needs a 'sport license' to fly might be fun but its kind of ugly in its car mode.

Reminds me of the car-boat that didn't make a very good car or a very good boat.

Besides, it costs $250,000. Yup, that's a quarter of a million dollars.

OK folks, back to the drawing board.

Think Jetsons.


  1. Funny he thought of you when he saw this car :)! I guess he always knew you'd fly ;).

  2. Now that is one ugly car for sure!!
    Sounds fun but $250,000??? Sheesh!!

  3. I'm right with SueAnn, a quarter of a mil' for that hideous thing! I want my flying car to cool like Batman's or vintage like the Mr. Weasley's ;-D

  4. Did someone really think this was a good design?

  5. i'd rather have a jet-pack. a really quiet one that goes slow or fast and has a built in camera and video camera so i can fly low over rivers and in-between trees and stuff like that! steven

  6. I'm with steven - a jet pack would be super cool! I guess the flying car would have its applications in certain locations - but is it a four wheel drive? If not, then the places where it might be most useful (Alaska in summer, the bush) would still be off limits.

  7. I had to laugh at your last sentence, it was my first thought.

  8. I'll have two please.
    Could you arrange that for me?

  9. Now, isn't it odd that people who could afford to buy such a plane would be worried about driving it home in order to save fees at the airport? I just don't know that these are going to sell very well. I have a private pilot's license, by the way, although I haven't flown in nearly 30 years.

  10. Holy cow. It may not be a flying car, but it's a lot closer than anything I've seen since James Bond movies. Wow.

    Every day I look at my iphone with awe and wonder. Do you feel the same way about your ipad? Even ten years ago these pieces of media would have been inconceivable. I am blown away.

  11. And it won't get you out of traffic! If you're driving along & get stuck, you're just stuck! No hovering, no instant lift-off. Yep, $250,000 worth of junk... or maybe just a conversation piece.

  12. Oh, God, Ellen, this is hysterical. Serious belly laughs. Does your old boyfriend think that you're difficult to please?!

    You're right though, it is ugly. But it's way cool idea. Would be cooler, I'll bet, if it met with your more stringent requirements. ;)


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