Tuesday, July 12, 2011

onward into the.....present

Here I am sitting in the truck on my way into the city typing up this post. Just a day trip in today to take care of some business and to pick up one of the grandgirls for her week in the country.

How, you might ask, am I able to be typing this up in the truck besides the fact that I'm not doing the driving? Why, I'm using my new iPad! We made a big leap last week, acquiring an iPhone and an iPad, an extravagance we probably should not have indulged in since our personal economy hasn't yet improved all that much.

Marc did need a new phone since his old flip phone had a nasty habit of turning itself off for no apparent reason and since his phone is the official business line, that was not a good thing. Everybody we know has an iPhone and so, having paid off the truck last month and emboldened with a coupon for a special deal, we took another step into the present.

Whereas we could justify the expense of the iPhone, the iPad was a total indulgence. I've been wanting one since they came out since I have to box up my computer and bring it with every time we are going into the city for more than day. Much of our business is conducted via the Internet, not to mention being cut off from cyberspace in general.

Now all I need bring is my iPad. No more lugging the heavy computer around, no more lugging the two portfolios with their foggy cellophane sleeves to presentations and design consultations. The images look better on the screen than they do in the pictures anyway.

Oh,I can justify the iPad but it doesn't really enable me to do anything I couldn't already do. It just makes it so much easier with less baggage. So during my insomniac nights I've been scrolling through the app store looking for free stuff I might actually use.

I'm back home now, granddaughter settled in. Tomorrow we go buy fabric for another sewing lesson.

P.S. I actually used my iPad today to show someone a picture of our work in a business connectivity way, something I wouldn't have been able to do otherwise since I don't carry my portfolios with me as a matter of course.


  1. Very interesting since I've never been a Mac or whatever person. However, lately I've been curious about the I-pads to where I wonder if all I do is use the Internet are they a good tool? And I wonder if they are really any better than the cheap netbooks. If an I-pad costs $500-600 how is it any different or better than the netbooks? I don't even know if I'm using the correct lingo here since I've always been a PC user with regular computers. Not that Macs aren't regular, but what can I say.
    I know. I should get out there and take a look. One of these days.

  2. Congrats on your iPhone and your iPad! That is great! I am jealous for sure!
    I put my portfolio on a flash drive...got some cute ones at CarrotInc.com These have been a big hit. My stuff looks good on screen as well.

  3. That's a great deductible business expense. I would write off the truck too. I would like to join the owners of the latest technology but I don't have a business to justify it.

  4. Very cool! Our daughters are Macs, we are PCs using our laptops & notebooks mostly. However, we have 3 iphones (Hubby is still a Blackberry waiting to get to upgrade) I want the ipad.... very much. I don't "need" it... I just want it!

  5. I have no cell phone and probably could not use the i-computer-thingy.

    I am quickly becoming gadget handicapped since they change so much more than I do.

  6. I take a heavy laptop everywhere with me. It gets heavier when going through airports.

    Wish I could send some of the greenery to you.It was something i noticed coming home from CA of AZ where it wasn't so prevelent.Glad you are enjoying it.

  7. It's fun to splurge sometimes, enjoy! You are definitely up-to-date. Next thing you'll be telling us you've got a QR code on your business cards.

  8. the digital interfaces my family use are all apple/mac objects. i like their intuitive setup and that they take a beating. my laptop travels on my bike with me through all four seasons. i use it at school to drive the smartboard, i use it at home to connect to the rest of my world. strangely i still don't have a cellphone. i'm the only one! enjoy! steven

  9. Oh you must qualify as a real techie now Ellen! I'm sure you will discover all kinds of ways the iPad can enhance your business and life. Have fun!

  10. I was using my little netbook to read a book yesterday (I use it to download library books, the Kindle is for books I purchase) & I was thinking that if I'd been a little more patient I would have gotten an iPad. Maybe.

    But for your purpose it sounds pretty darn good - love the idea of it being an instant portfolio.

  11. I am so jealous!!!!! I totally want to be able to blog on the go!!!!!!!!

  12. iPad sounds like a wise investment for your business. I look forward to upgrading to a smart phone next phone change. Just the map locator stuff alone is worth it for driving. Sometimes I think I'm the only one who doesn't have one of these yet. But I still see my Verizon phone around.

    I love my macbook pro a lot.

  13. Being a mac maniac I'd dearly love to own both iphone and ipad. But I haven't yet been able to convince myself that I need either. I don't work, I only need an ordinary phone and I have a laptop and a desktop.

    So, what's a girl to do? Close her eyes and go for it?
    I probably will some day soon.

  14. It didn't take me long to have my iPad beome a necessity of life (it was obtained through a special grant sort of thing at work). But it does have some limits, and now I'm hankering after a new laptop that doesn't arbitrarily s.l.o.w w.a.y. d.o.w.n for very little reason the way this one does. Tonight it's working fine - but I can't count on it. Glad you get to have something fun! Try this: see if your local library has an e-book feature, so you can download e-books on your iPad (the app is OverDrive).

  15. Oh congrats on these purchases. I suspect you'll not regret them one bit.


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