Wednesday, July 20, 2011

catching up

Despite my setting Big Mama on the ground to roam and dig in the yard for several days, when we came back from three days in the city we found three broken turtle eggs, the yolks all run out, on her sunning stone.

Leaving the city last week, there was a very big cloud but only a small finger of rain.

The cotton is nowhere near the size as last year. Last year by this time it was at least waist high and by the time the farmer harvested it some of it was as tall as I am. This year it's barely knee high and some fields not even that. And the corn fields have already been cut.

Here's my wax model of a grain of evening primrose pollen highly magnified. Not counting the casting reservoir it's about 2” x 2”.

Here's a little peek at the new improved bee box which the pollen sculpture is for. It's the old bee box but with the flowers glued on the outside instead of scattered at its feet. This was the original vision but I liked the way the flowers looked loose around it. However, I think all those loose flowers made it unsellable.

During one early summer foray into the city this crossed our path. It's a Pedal Party. The bartender serves drinks while everybody sitting propels the surrey.

The only thing that seems unfazed by the heat and the drought are the yellow bells.

And the okra.

The garden is mostly done except for the aforementioned okra and the peppers. Still a few tomatoes ripening and the beans are blooming but not setting fruit.

The pecan trees are starting up their cycle dropping green fruit. These are about an inch long.

Now that the wheel has turned and the setting sun is shifting south again, the sunsets are becoming more visible, moving out from behind our neighbor's trees.


  1. Love the bee box - can't wait to see the pollen in its final form.

    That pedal party looks like fun! I'll bet he does a booming business - all that pedaling is thirsty work.

    Our garden is just now starting - we've harvested 4 zucchini & the tomatoes are still green. The corn in our area isn't doing all that well - although of course we've certainly had more rain than you!

  2. the pedal party looks like fun, but i sure couldn't drink while doing it!

    poor little mama turtle!

  3. We had a female turtle who did the same thing year after year. Always laid her eggs on top of the ground. One year I saw her "dump" her eggs and had a brood box ready as prescribed by the vet. After much consternation and cursing, I did manage to get one of the eggs to hatch. But we renamed the turtle from Flirt to DUHlila.
    Okra........okra, I do love me some okra. And the flowers are so wonderful too.

  4. Sad the turtle wasn't ready to bury those eggs.You made me feel guilty that I wasn't out weeding today.

  5. Oh my gosh--I've never seen a pedal party--now I want to join them!

    Fun collection of photos, Ellen. I marvel at your work.

  6. I LOVE what you've done with the bee box, I did like the flowers scattered around the box, but like you said on one of your old posts it just wasn't practical. I truly like the way the pink and green come together, and the bee... aw!

  7. Your art! The pollen is amazing and the bee box is are truly talented.

    Okra loves the heat, I, on the other hand, do not produce much in the heat.

    Wishing you rain.

  8. The bee box looks great. Pity about the turtle's eggs. I'd be happy to join that pedal party. It looks lie a blast.

  9. Thanks for the reminder of summer scenes in the South--echoes of my youth: okra, pecans, cotton, but not so much drinking and pedaling. That's a great picture.

  10. I am totally in love with your bee and flowers on pretty gentle green- It looks yummy, gorgeous! The pedal party looks like something that belongs in Portland- clever idea!
    I guess, even though the rain has been tedious, I do prefer it to drought. Sad little cotton plants...Love all of your photos so much! Interesting Okra- Which is not a good thing to eat up this far north- it is nasty.Thanks for the eye feast!Stay cool.


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