Sunday, June 19, 2011

workshop notes

We finished our first three day beginning pate de verre workshop yesterday. We've been having trouble filling our 6 day intensive so at the suggestion of Bob at Hot Glass Houston, one of the venues we teach at, we broke it up into a 3 day beginning and a 5 day advanced. We've also decided to throw in a 3 day intermediate as well.

We had 7 students who made several models each and cast two, making the last molds on the last day to take home and do.

model making in clay

Marc demonstrates how to set up the cottle

pouring the mold

cleaning the clay out of the mold

me demonstrating how to fill the mold

filling the mold

molds after being fired

breaking away the mold

the finished tiles 4" x 4"


  1. How fun! I'd definitely take this workshop. The instructions and process all seem doable even by someone so uncrafty as I am.

  2. Very nice, this is almost like lost wax with metals.

  3. Obviously they all had fantastic instructors - they are marvelous ellen and I agree - I would take it too with rosaria. :)

    You are so cute - love the pic! :)

  4. these may not be as delicate and artistic as yours but they are certainly pretty and fun.

  5. Oh, I would so love to have my blog friends come take a workshop with me.

  6. I like seeing the different ideas people had for their tiles. Liked the dragonfly and the tree with leaves.

  7. Looks fab. I wanna come!!

  8. OK you're right - I could probably do at least some version of something. I especially like the bubbly looking one :)

  9. Beautiful work! Looks like so much fun, and good therapy, too. I'd love to take a class like this. :)

  10. The one above the bluebird is an unusual one, it makes me think of frog spawn.

  11. They're so beautiful! And the students look so completely engaged int he process. Cool!

  12. Yeah, I would like this workshop, too. It seems magical to break open that mold and find a little treasure inside.


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