Monday, June 27, 2011

work of a different sort

I'm gone for a little less than 24 hours (don't take my computer with me for just one night in the city) and I swear, every blog I follow made a post. I'll try to get to all of them but I'm going to be very busy the rest of this week.

I headed out to the city yesterday late afternoon to supervise the installation of the job we have been working on this past month that was scheduled for today. It went well yay and we got paid bigger yay. No on site pictures yet as we kept the protective film on since they will be painting in there this week. The picture here is one I took as it lay on the table in the shop.

I came back with grandson in tow. He'll be here for his week in the country. He split just about as soon as his feet hit the driveway to go pal around with his two friends in the neighborhood here.

The rest of this week I will be helping my sister move. She closes on her new house tomorrow and closes on her old house on Thursday. We'll be going over to her new house after closing and start cleaning before all her furniture arrives on Wednesday. This little house has been vacant for at least a year and it will be so much easier to clean without all the furniture in the way.

We're also going to start moving all her plants over to her new house tomorrow morning. She must have 200 pots with stuff in them, a lot of which she has dug up in the last month in anticipation of her move. I guess I should have added plants to the list of things she collects on the 'barn sale' post.

Well, you'd never know we got rain several days the end of last week. The ground is already dry again. And it is HOT. I almost envy our turtle Big Mama, paddling around in her pond all the time. If I had a river running through my yard, I'd be sitting in it.


  1. Oh the piece is beautiful.


    Sorry it's hot again ... hope the rains return sooner rather than later.

    May the force be with you, moving all those potted plants. You're strong and healthy, but man - they're HEAVY. Couldn't you get your grandson to help?

  2. Your glass is so delicate and elegant; I look forward to more pics when it's all uncovered.

    As I read your blog it has begun to rain here and I wish I could share it with you: 66 degrees and damp.

  3. Moving potted plants is no fun, especially in the heat.

  4. It was 102 F today with 50% humidity (SE Oklahoma) and simply awful. There is a small chance of rain tonight and tomorrow though. It must be even hotter down there.

    Your glass is so beautiful!

  5. Your glasswork is so pretty, I like the peaceful dragonfly there.

    You've got a lot going on this week, but it sounds like all good stuff :)

  6. My back hurts just thinking about moving.
    Good luck.

  7. The piece looks gorgeous! Oh, moving in the summer heat is the pitts, but I'm glad that your sister is moving on! Good luck with it all!
    I could not live without a pool!

  8. Man- you are a good person to know! Shifting and moving stuff and more stuff- You must have a pick-up or a great wagon. I don't know what HOT is...rain here again.

  9. I always intend to keep up with the blogs I follow but at this time of year I find it very hard what with there being more to do and I'm sure that time goes faster in the summer. I hope things go well with the house moving, its at such times when I realise how many things I have collected since I last moved!

  10. Moving the plants sounds fun.I have always started over each time.

    Those were toadstools growing in a sycamore in my last post, very unique I thought.

  11. It's always the same, you stay away from the web for a couple of days and everybody blogs.

    Glad you're making money, don't spend it all at once.

  12. I go away for 6 days, come back, and I have 275 blogs to read. And no, I'm not making that up.


    Looking forward to your pics.

  13. It turned out beautiful, Ellen. I envy your turtle, too. It has been hot and blowing gales of hot wind. We have some rain tonight and it's very welcome.

    Your sister is so lucky to have you.

  14. That's beautiful artwork - you pretty much amaze me. AND all this physical labor helping your sister. I'm exhuasted & hot just reading about it :)

  15. Very beautiful! Enjoy the week with your grandson. :) Moving is never fun tho lol


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