Thursday, June 16, 2011

P is for...

this picture will make sense at the end

P is for...persevere, prom, pecos, pictographs, petroglyphs

I was gonna write about my prom and then I decided not to.

You know, corny.

Except that my prom was not at all typical. I mean the prom was typical just not me. I guess what I mean is, my experience wasn't typical. For one thing, I made my own prom dress, an orange, purple and blue swirling pattern in voile while the other girls were wearing pastel satin and lace. This was 1968 Houston Tx after all.

I had turned 18 a month previous and a friend had given me a tab of purple owsley as a birthday present. I had never taken acid before and wasn't sure I wanted to.

So my date for the prom, a long haired musician type, said give it to him.

In the end, we ended up splitting it. Right before we walked in.

It took a little while to come on but before too long, I started hallucinating on the dance floor. Everyone was encased in a soap-like bubble and they were bouncing off one another. Weird, right?

I hallucinated through the prom, on the drive to the after-prom party, which was reminiscent of Toadie's Wild Ride, and pretty much through the after-prom party.

We eventually ended up on the beach where we parked and slept in the car (no hanky panky) and I remember very vividly to this day how the dawn looked, the sun coming up over the water, the deserted beach and driftwood. There had been plenty of time for the drug to ooze completely out of my pores and yet it felt as if I had not come completely down. The world seemed to glow with an inner light, as if I was seeing the divine consciousness in the physical manifestation.

If this was my new 'normal', I thought, then that would be all right.

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  1. Nice Ellen, nice. A half tab sounds like plenty. You remember that sunrise so clearly even now!

  2. I knew I should have said yes to those five guys who asked me to my prom ... you wild girl you !!!

  3. It sounds like the sort of place I would like to wake up.

  4. One of your "Tell it as it is" posts Ellen! Well done.

  5. That sounds like a story I'll like to write. Your dress alone tells a tale, but the hallucinations, wow! I love the sun, bright and promising, in the end.

  6. What a sweet trip you experienced!!
    And I do mean "sweet"!!
    Your dress sounds you have pics? Love to see it!!

  7. Your post is so 1968, Ellen, a nice documentation. I'll bet you have a good memoir in you of that time ...

  8. My 1st my mom helped make the girls dress and when she took pctures of us cut off my head in most of them. That dress was the feature she wanted, and my date was a foot shorter

  9. Well I have to say that my prom experience was definitely different. I went with girlfriends both years & mostly sat & watched other people dance. I was SUCH a wallflower! I was probably home by 11:00 both times. :)

  10. What a beautiful post. I LOVE this. You saw everyone's energy fields. You saw auras! Cool!!

    as if I was seeing the divine consciousness in the physical manifestation.

    Yep. My experience of tripping every time I dropped, which was often for a little while.

  11. Why, Ellen, you too hallucinated! Oddly, I took acid two times--or was it three; I think it was three--and I also ate and smoked mushrooms, but I never hallucinated on any drugs but pot, meth, and nitrous oxide.

  12. ELLEN! Go to your room young lady- you are SOOO grounded!


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