Wednesday, June 8, 2011

back at work

The city-turned-country mice have reverted to their city ways. We are here, heading home tomorrow and then returning Saturday to teach a weekend workshop. And we have to be here next week too. Happily, we have some work and the phone has been more active lately.

Our current project is two windows 5' x 5' and two door panels 13” x 67”.

We did the doors last week, one of those rare jobs where we worked on the glass in the door. In our shop. So part of the work was covering and protecting the wood doors. Fortunately they hadn't been finished yet.

This week, I.G. (insulated glass) units for the windows were delivered. Sans frames. It was supposed to be the same kind of deal, working on the glass in the frame but someone higher up the food chain made an error and the windows they ordered were not up to code. They decided to go ahead and install them and change out the glass I.G. units with new ones.

Today I cut the stencil for one of the windows. I'm doing the background first which is backwards of how I usually work, but I have a good reason for doing it this way and it involves the spider web. I could have done it the usual way but it would have involved a third stencil and moving that piece of glass another two times. That piece of glass, the I.G. unit, weighs about 150 pounds. That's 75 pounds a piece between Marc and I.

And as long as I'm talking about work, maybe you'd like to see the finished moon box. It's about light pollution. Actually, the box has been finished for a long time but I finally got the 'stars' made that go inside. The moon faces, as they go around the box, go from full to new and back to full.

Reliquary For A Night Sky
6.25"w x 4.75"h x 6.25"d

the 'stars' inside


  1. Hey I really like your designs. I'm a big fan of spider webs and they are gonna look great in glass. It's such a good idea.

    But...170 pounds? I had no idea.

  2. I wouldn't even know where to start!

    I've noticed since coming here and having to walk my dog on a winters evening that I can actually see more when there are no lights than I can when we are back in the lit up area's around the estate buildings. I can see better within the lit up area but beyond that is the blackest black and even within the lit area there are many black holes. I think we have become too dependant on artificial lighting outdoors.

  3. Am lovin' the Moon Box!! So beautiful!!
    And your door design is wonderful! Love the spider web...I can see why you are working it this way.
    Love to watch works in process!!

  4. I am a great fan of your glass work Ellen - love this design.

  5. I love your art, but this might be my favorite combination (not that they go together, I just love the moon as you already know, and I'm enthralled by nature happening on the windows). So wonderful!

  6. i'd like to spend a night under a sky like that. steven

  7. The stars are amazing and the box is beautiful.

    Glad you have work you enjoy.

  8. Very nice designs, the box is very unusual.

  9. Holy Smokes, Ellen! The moon box made me weep. It is absolutely stunning! I'm so overwhelmed with the image of the stars inside, I'm having a hard time finding the words for how the beauty of this piece is affecting me. I'll send you an fb message. WOW!

  10. I love the detail in your work Ellen, there's much beauty in it. Can we see a photo of that window and door when they are done?

  11. The moon box is just fabulous. In a sort of related note I was thinking about noise pollution the other day while we were walking in a fen. It's very near a busy road & while I thought I was hearing rushing water it ws actuall traffic. I read somewhere that there are very few places you can go now & not have some sort of manmade noise...

  12. Those windows are going to be stunning. How interesting to have to work on them in the frame. Hope it wasn't too hard. :)

    The box is great. So beautiful.

  13. Wow. Love the stars! Stars are definitely kind of glassy, eh?

    As usual, your drawings are so elegant. Wow.

  14. Gobsmacked! Moon thing with stars inside! DANG! That is the most wonderful object EVER!

  15. Those panels are going to be beautiful! And that moon box takes my breath away, Ellen. Wow!

  16. Your work is so intricate and delicate, in spite of the weight. I never knew what was involved in turning glass into works of art. No wonder you spend a long time over each creation.

    You are teaching me about a subject about which I knew nothing.

    I love the moon box.

  17. the moon box is magical

    and I LOVE the door panels
    would make me happy every time I got home to see that door

  18. Oh, the moon box is beautiful. The starts amazing! What a brilliant (literally!) piece. :)


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