Thursday, February 10, 2011

working through it

Despite the fact that it was in the 60s last weekend, we are now in the middle of another frigid spell and everything that had thawed is now frozen once again. And the weather forecasters telling us it is 20˚ colder than normal for this time of year is not helping! I am tired of being cold. I am tired of winter. They say that spring is only a few days away. We are having another low in the 20s tonight but by the first part of next week our low is supposed to be only in the 50s. Regardless, I am housebound right now.

This is the other thing I have been doing along with some attempts at self promotion besides work on 'the job'. Speaking of which, rumor has it that this last panel came out beautifully. I haven't seen it yet. We were supposed to go in today to set up the first (and only if you don't mind, please) try at the third panel but as I said before, the kiln is outdoors, a protected area, but outdoors all the same and the high today was only going to be in the mid-40s. So I put it off til tomorrow.

I've been working on some waxes, starting the 4” square thick tile series. The three larger pieces I have already finished are sitting, waiting patiently until I am ready to cast them. I have to be mentally ready to cast them besides just having the models finished. Because once the mold is made, the model is lost. I have to have a pretty good idea how I want to cast them...the colors, the density of color, how I think they should be displayed. These are all factors that I have to consider. Meanwhile, I work on other models.

I also have a dilemma about finishing the boxes that have been cast. I need to use a flat lap which I don't have. I've been using the one at a friend's studio but I think the 'environment' has changed some and I am reluctant to keep asking. My other option is to drive to a city several hours away and to rent time on the one at another friend's glass center.

I have finished the first 4” square block and am about 2/3s of the way through the second one. I have no title for these yet, not even a tentative one.


Here's what the second one looked like the last time I took a picture of it.

And I am stuck on the letter E.



  1. Its that time of the year when you are sort of bursting to do something but not quite?

    Wait until you get to Q!

  2. I am always amazed by your works Ellen, hopefully the weather warms for you. taake care.

  3. Winter has its grip on us this year. We're not getting out of the 20s during the day, single digits at night. It's pretty much been like this for a month, along with mountains of snow.

    I like that first square block, the design has a floral suggestion to it, very nice, and hinting at Spring!

  4. The boxes are so gorgeous. Sorry you're housebound.

    I, too, am SICK of the cold, and I LIKE cold, I do. I've had enough of it for this year.

    Wish you could come over for cake and coffee. I've been in a cake-baking frenzy, my way of dealing with cabin fever, I guess.

    Onwards to spring!

  5. Um, well, ELLEN, obviously :) Or Elegant, which is what these boxes are.

  6. I know what you mean. I have been stuck inside for way too long. I am looking forward to my trip and hoping to come home with a new outlook. The weather is supposed to be warm here next week while I am gone ...... go figure.

  7. I agree with Cinner, I am always amazed by your visions. I see but not with your eyes. I am fascinated by your sight. The Olde Bagg

  8. Looks like excellent work!
    I wish it would warm up here too!

  9. I, too, have had more than enough of continues in spite of my moaning.
    Your work is so gloriously organic and beautiful- I just want to fondle those shapes. They invite.

  10. Just beautiful Ellen! Warmer weather is just around the corner!

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  13. This is amazing work, Ellen. Wow!


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