Sunday, February 20, 2011

flowers and fu fu

Spent the afternoon at the city house Sunday. It was our youngest g'girl's 10th birthday, though she had her party with friends at the park yesterday. Before we got on the highway we drove by this field.

I looked to see what flower this was.

OMG, I pull this stuff up out of my flower beds, it's so small and insignificant. I'm holding it between my knees in the truck so you can see how small it really is. I've never seen this little flower run rampant in a field before.

Here's a pic with the macro.

We hacked away at the winter debris and bagged leaves at the city house for about four hours in an attempt to keep the place from looking abandoned.

I took a quick side trip with all three g'girls. There was a fundraiser at the gallery where my friend is a participant for the spay and neuter program here. People pay to have their dogs paws dipped in paint and then they entice the dogs across a piece of paper.



doggy paintings

You can bet this little lady did not get her paws dipped in paint. Her owner only buys designer outfits for miss fu fu.

Her tu tu is the same color as the field flowers.


  1. Oh, man! Those flowers are GORGEOUS! I'm not sure I've ever seen that exact flower in Texas. Although the field of purple looks familiar. Can't wait for the Indian Paintbrush to bloom.

  2. Oh that field is beautiful. I'm watching the snow falling here.. sigh. Cute idea with the puppy prints and Ms Field Flower Fu Fu is a hoot. Happy Birthday to your granddaughter.

  3. I absolutely love that top photo - it looks like a painting.

  4. Weeds are only things growing in the wrong place! What a pretty colour.

    I have to say (with every chance of being called a meanie) that dirty doggy paw prints don't excite me - having spent too many hours cleaning up after family pets, but I know lots of people who do think its fun.

  5. That is a beautiful field of wild flowers for sure!! Almost looks like lavender!!
    And the puppy paintings are a hoot!! And the fru fru doggie is adorable!!

  6. What an awesome idea for a fundraiser. I would so let me dogs do that.

    And looks as tho' spring is headed you way - the flowers are beautiful.

    Happy birthday to "Miss Double Digit" very exciting. :D

  7. What a wonderful way to spend a day.

  8. Miss Fu Fu looks happy as can be. :-)

    My dog has never done a painting. But he is the secret author of all of my poems. ;-)

  9. Love the flowers - gorgeous!

    I wonder, if I had a little dog like that, if I would be able to resist dressing it up in ridiculous outfits. Dr. M & I have a fine sense of the ridiculous, but I'm pretty sure he wouldn't want to do that to dog :)

  10. What a lovely field, and what lovely flowers, especially the view on macro!


    I can almost smell spring, just by looking!

  11. The blanket of lavender flowers - so refreshing! Such a beautiful little face on that flower.
    and yes, I agree, that book the devil is reading is hilarious!

  12. The field of flowers is so lovely. It actually makes me hungry for spring.

  13. Wow! Those flowers!! Incredible.

    I love finger painting ... foot painting, paw painting. Very cool.

  14. I'm wondering why this farmer planted this flower? It's not for sod...? The lavender colour is uplifting.


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