Saturday, February 5, 2011

resting on my laurels

I have a couple of honors to recognize...

First, last Wednesday Hilary of The Smitten Image, who does a feature every week called Post Of The Week in which she recommends half a dozen or so posts, selected my post 'D is for...' for the top spot. If you don't know Hilary's blog you really must go visit. She has an incredible eye and her nature photos, and most especially her bird photos, are just amazing. Thanks Hilary, for selecting my post last week and for your beautiful photographs.

Another blog that is new to me, Everyday Goddess, also does a similar feature called Toasting The Posts Of The Week. I was browsing around and popped into her place yesterday and was stunned to see that my post 'ice, ice baby' was among her list. Thank you Everyday Goddess.

As long as I'm sending people on to other blogs, here's a few more you should go visit if you don't already know them.

Fireblossom at Shay's Word Garden has been my little secret since I first stumbled on her. She writes poems that are really stories and constantly blows me away. She's getting discovered now and my measly comments sometimes get lost in the hurrahs. Not that I'm jealous or anything.

I've recommended John Kurman's blog Random Walks before when he was first getting started. It's still one of my favorites. That said, I'm not really sure how to categorize his blog. He's an intellectual type who teaches sculpture at an Illinois university. And he's not shy.

Cynthia (her name and her blog's name) is a glass artist and computer techie nerd and gear head who shares everything she knows. And she comes up with the greatest human stories. I swear she makes some of them up. Like this one.

I know, I know. I'm supposed to be getting people to come to my blog, not send them away but it's still frozen out there and I've promised myself that I would work in the studio on my waxes all weekend so you're getting nothing new from me.


  1. oOo! Congratulations on your well-deserved kudos, woman! That's wonderful!

    Thank you so much for the kind words and for sending people my way. But let's get something straight, gal...your comments are always dear to me, not "measly." Sheesh! I love to hear from my friend Ellen! :-)

  2. Bravo Ellen - don't forget us little people now that you are going to become even more famous. giggle...

    Thanks for the links to new blogs - I love getting recommendations to blogs my friends like.

    Sorry it is still icy. Spring will be here soon [or so I am told.]

  3. Twas my pleasure, Ellen. And thank you for the acknowledgment and linkage.

  4. Congratulations, Ellen. You are precious stuff.

  5. Congrats on the recognition. Look forward to trying out these blogs and seeing pictures of your latest works.

  6. I know and love the blogs you mentioned. Isn't it nice to be in blogland? :)

  7. We bloggers are generous and relational. I love that.

    You should be honored. Your blog rocks - and so do you!


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