Saturday, February 19, 2011

on hold

I have a document that I keep open to work on posts. It's got about two dozen entries, some only a sentence of an idea, some several paragraphs long and still I am uninspired.

My days have all run together, locked in a never ending cycle of fiber paper and trips into the city. Another delay last week when the last glass blank came out with kiln wash stuck all over it. Some vinegar and cerium oxide fixed it up though and the last panel went in the kiln on Friday. I am waiting on pins and needles for the results late Sunday. I am sick of this job but excited about the possibilities. Now that we know what we are doing.

Spring has sprung and the humidity has been back all last week, with it my curly hair. Everything should be green but the two frigid cold fronts the first two weeks of February turned everything brown. I have spring fever of a sort. There is so much to be done out in the yard but I don't feel like doing it. I should be blasting out the door, garden tools in hand but it just all seems so overwhelming. Where do I start?

Instead I wandered around the yard looking for sprouting things.



chinese fringe flower

mock orange

Still, I remain listless and unfocused.


  1. I'm sure it will come to you in due time. Give yourself a break, you are always working so hard. When spring gets here, her colors and vibrations will inspired you to do what needs to be done.

    Love the pics. I hope all turns out great/perfect on Sunday.

  2. Maybe, on some level, you were looking for designs for your glass in the sprouting nature around you. Some of it may show up there in the future?

  3. so many beginnings all around you ellen . . . how to match the starting in your own beginning? steven

  4. Creating and producing can zap you of energy. Yours will bloom soon too.

  5. I've been feeling exactly the same way.

    I think we need to step away, stop seeing ourselves in terms of our art and just BE.


  6. Can not wait for Spring to arrive. minus 40 two nights ago. Our Spring usually not until May. so your shots look pretty wonderful to me. hope everything turns out on Sunday., take care. fingers crossed. hugs.

  7. Curly hair in a brown landscape ... hmmm ... sounds a bit unnerving. How great that you're wandering around, greating the plants that are just about to pop.

  8. I have had times like that when what I should do is postponed for what isn't necessary at all. Then all of a sudden I realize I am refreshed.....may it be so for you. The Olde Bagg, Linda

  9. There's a word for it in German, that sums it up: Spring Lethargy.

    We are neither in one season nor another, we are eager to be done with winter but haven't yet got the new energy that comes with spring.

    I've today invited people for two different dinner parties. I seriously hope I am not going to regret that rash action. But somehow I've got to prove to myself that I am still alive.

  10. Ellen - beautiful photos. I'm looking forward to sprouting things in New England, which is still some time away. Good luck with the panels - hope all works out well today. :)

  11. I think that I understand how you feel. I feel rather shiftless right now, but I always feel like that as Spring approaches. I feel the urge to be better than I was last year and to make more of myself. Maybe I should look for the budding things in my life.

  12. I feel the same way - but thank goodness there'll be no working in the yard here just yet! So I don't have to feel guilty about that.

    I'm starting to feel hemmed in by my blog schedule - miscellany on Monday, poem on Tuesday or Wednesday, Thankful Thursday, poem on Friday, pics on Saturday. And the wordzzle in there somewhere. I'm feeling rebellious - so I think I'm going off plan this next week! That might mean a blank blog...

  13. i SO envy your curly hair!! Lucky YOU!

  14. It will wait until you are ready.

    Armed with clippers, rakes and gloves, you will soak in the sun's rays and hum while you work...when you're ready.

  15. Thanks for sharing those pictures.

    Signs of life! Love it.


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