Tuesday, October 26, 2010

ponder us

Once again I am preparing for a foray into the city, this time for 3 days while I try to drum up some business, get these molds in the kiln and help my g'girls with their Halloween costumes. So I leave you with these...

modern zen koans

Why does my head feel so big when I'm looking out of it but so small when I put my hands up to it?

Why is it that every time I wake in the middle of the night and listen for the clock to chime to know what time it is, it always chimes just once for the half hour?

Why do teen sizes come in odd numbers and women's sizes come in even numbers when I'm a woman who wears an odd number?

Why do the chiggers bite me and not him?

Why is it that every time I forget and leave the soaker hose on all night, it rains the next day?

Why does the cat always want out at 5 o'clock in the morning?

Why don't guys wear tank tops? On second thought, after seeing my neighbor in one, I'm glad they don't.

Why do all the big ticket items always crap out at the same time?

Why do meteor storms always peak between 3 AM and 5 AM?

Why is it still summer in late October?


  1. Man, that last one is definitely a poser!

  2. One answer to all...BECAUSE and Why not? It is SO unfair that you are still in summertime mode- we never had summer at all- just shifted a bit in temp.

  3. Have a good time in town and I hope the g'kids enjoy Halloween.

    I'll need more time to come up with the answers to your questions though.

  4. That last one is true here in New England too. It's in the 70s today, thunderstorms tonight, and the 70s tomorrow, one week out of November. We haven't even had a fall to speak of.

  5. Have fun with the g-kidlets. I'd be happy to take October's summer off your hands for you. Maybe even a tank top. ;)

  6. Some of these fall under Murphy's Laws but the others...we'll just have to wonder.

    Enjoy your cityscape.

  7. why does life make so much more sense when it is almost over? steven

  8. If you figure out the answers to why the cat wants out at 5 and the big ticket items all fall apart at the same time, please let me know. I could use wisdom like that. As for it still being summer, here it finally cooled off, went straight to winter. Sigh.

  9. I don't know the answer to any of these, but I loved reading them. :)

  10. Excellent isms!!! They all pose very heavy pondering thoughts of which I have no answers as of yet except what Linda Sue said..."Why not"!!??
    Have a fun time

  11. There are two men I know who wear tank tops. I shall ask them politely not to do so in future.

  12. Good questions! I only know that the chiggers and the mosquitos love me too and it actually has something to do with smelling sweet! lol And lots of men wear tank tops here, and look buff in them, but of course, this is at the health club!

  13. Oh, I like your list. Like the meteor showers... watering the garden...

    Why do some teens and adults need their iPod in a beautiful park?

  14. Ahhh, the questions of life :).

  15. Oh man. I LOVE these koans.

    As for why ... well ... beats me. But I love it that you think about these things.

  16. Meteor storms peak in the middle of the day, but unfortunately...

  17. I know, I know, exactly, why, oh why?
    If you can make Zen koans out of these questions, things can't be all bad.


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