Thursday, October 21, 2010

wax works

6” x 6”

I finished the third model of the triptych and am moving on to the next set of pieces. One of these is a series of pieces with moonflowers, my current obsession, and will be done in a western shirt-yoke format which I think ties in nicely with my earlier explorations in textiles and my natal culture. ooo, artspeak! I'll have to remember that. The other piece I'm preparing for is another bird box, this one with a blue heron but really only his head and a bit of neck. It will also be an in-lay piece (that's how confident I am in my first, uncompleted, attempt). Only this time, I am upping the ante and doing the bird head in color. The wren is going to be black and Marc made the mold today.

This is the little wren wax. The stick is about 6” long. It will be an in-lay on the face of a box. It's destroyed now. The waxes only exist for a little while. After the mold is poured, the wax is melted out. 

Here's the mold.

We've started casting some of the small components. I have the feet for two of the boxes cast and ready for the cold work. Some of them are for the moonflower box which I have finally decided how to do. The colors I mean. But I'll probably change my mind a dozen times before I actually commit while filling the mold. I've been known to change my mind at the last moment. 

I did get the little eggshells finished though.

And I think I found the subject for my next block. I might make it a bit smaller though and do a grouping of nine.


  1. I am impressed. You are so detailed and your love of your work shows! I am itching to get a long day of uninterrupted sewing done. I am ready to be alone with my fabric and imagination for a time .....

  2. The molds are works of art in themselves. Too bad they melt. I love the photos of them, though.

  3. I was thinking the same thing as VM. At least you get a finished, one of a kind piece out of each.

    Love that last pic' - something so Georgia O'Keefe about it.

  4. PS - the beauty and talent in all the pieces astound me. I love coming over here and seeing your work.

  5. Ellen - I continue to be over awed by your talent - keep posting!

  6. Oh I love the moon flower box! That is so fabulous! I must have one!!
    And your bird is totally awesome
    I like the new mold and looking forward to seeing more of your works in progress.
    Thanks for sharing

  7. The casts are beautiful.

    What is that plant in the final picture?

  8. the moonflower box - well words are gonna hold back the thoughts. steven

  9. impressive work ellen ... love that moonflower box! I can imagine a set of them sitting on a dressing table in an elegant home.

  10. Incredible work, Ellen. You have found a way to express something so essential. I love the wren pieces so much, and that first piece - it is incredible, almost alien, totally perfectly natural, too. Wow!

  11. The moonflower is so elegant looking, and that wren! Well there's just something about it calling our attention, a little charm going on there!

  12. E.
    Have you considered selling the molds to potters? They could be used to make sprigs to add to pots as decorations. Not a lot of money there, as potters are cheap, but some. Just a thought.

  13. Geez you do beautiful work, Ellen.

  14. Yes, everything is gorgeuos as usual, but what on earth IS that last picture? I'm afraid LOL!

  15. I do enjoy seeing the progress of your work. I am profoundly unartistic and envy those, like you, who are. It's great.

  16. the egg shells are so tiny - and so perfect
    I can't imagine the eye for detail that requires

    beautiful stuff :)


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