Sunday, October 31, 2010

the halloween years

I always made the kid's halloween costumes except for one (you'll be able to tell which one when you see it) and also Sarah wore her dance recital costume once. They had to get creative (or rather, I had to get creative, especially with my son who it seemed tried purposely to challenge me. No store bought costumes allowed. (That's just the way it was at my house. No store bought valentines allowed either, they always had to make them if they wanted to give them.)

1980 – the first year of costumes and trick or treat, my daughter is 3 ½ and my son is 1 ½. - Big Bird and a clown

1981 – bunnies

1982 – vampire and Super Aaron (he very specifically did not want an 'S', but an 'A')

1983 – I couldn't find a picture of Sarah and finally came across this one of Aaron and I (yes, the kitty is me). You probably can't tell very well what he is but he is a tree and I'm sorry that that's the only picture I have of it. I have no idea what Sarah was.

1984 – land shark and lion

1985 – skeleton and fairy

1986 – witch and green ghost

1987 - ballerina and green ghost (I think I was supposed to be a magician)

1988 – robot and geisha

1989 – could find no pictures and I haven't the foggiest, might have been one of those years when they just dressed as hobos or something. Oh, wait, that might be the year that Aaron went as Death because I had to make him a scythe (which I still have).

1990 – the last year of real costumes. After this they just threw on whatever and went out with their friends. - witch doctor and a barrel of toxic waste

So happy Halloween and party on dudes!


  1. Absolutely fabulous1

    I may have told you that for about 5 years I had a little business designing and making Fancy Dress costumes - you are amazing - but I have come to expect nothing less from you!

  2. Those were great! We were never very ambitious with our costumes, but then our mom was NOT very crafty. But she was FUN so you might not mind your costume was lame.

  3. These are definitely spook-tacular! Happy Halloween :)

  4. Fantastic collection. There is a photo of me at three years old, dressed as a scarecrow. I'm in an old coat which is stuffed with hay. Must have been so itchy.

  5. Oh fun! You're so creative and I see you dressed up alongside them. That's sweet. I also see that we each had boys who wanted to be trees!

  6. Oh stars above....these are adorable photos. You are so good to have all of them in one place. Mine are like most things in my life......scattered. Love the costumes. very creative and fun.
    You have a happy spookie ookie too. The Olde Bagg

  7. What a wonderful chronicle of your creative Halloween costumes for your children.

  8. What amazing costumes! You did good, Mom. A lot of memories wrapped up in these trick or treaters.

    I have always wanted to go as a tampon, wrapped in quilt batting and topped with a string...and lots of catsup but no one would go with me!

  9. Oh, these are absolutely marvelous! I thoroughly enjoyed this, Ellen!

  10. Memories are the best!! Love how creative you are!!

  11. I always did the homemade as well, although, not nearly as creative as you were! My youngest was enthralled with The Wizard of Oz, and went several years in a Dorothy-like costume which was actually a dress from the 1950's (pinafore-like) that had been mine. It worked well, actually. A little blue and white check. All we needed were the ruby slippers. (NOT easy in the days before you could buy them.)

  12. Great costumes and memories! You really are a talented seamstress! Mine always wanted ready-made costumes, thankfully. :)

  13. Halloween & door-to-door for tricks or treat ... LOVE this post!


  14. What marvellous costumes. Didn't they hire you out to their friends?

  15. Fantastic!! I love them all but really the final costumes are truly the best. A barrel of toxic waste? These are YOUR kids for sure.

    Happy day of the dead!


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