Wednesday, August 4, 2010

recognized at last

We're in the city this week finishing up this job, our last job or perhaps not. On the way in Monday we received two phone calls. We get more calls while we are in the truck than we do at either house. I think perhaps we should just throw a mattress in the back and call it home.

Anyway. The second call was from a previous client. We did some some work for them years ago in their previous house which they have sold and they now want some work in their new house and can they come by on Thursday. Which was really convenient for us. Gave us time to get most of the work done we had to do (although it is taking longer as it turns out and why do I continue to be surprised by that?). Thursday was going to be an extra day, then it turned out to be not and it might even be Friday before I am done.

This job has a lot of laminated glass and it is so time consuming. All the glass has to be cut to size, shaped and edged with a grinder and flat lap, made to fit and then, while that is being done, the stencil is cut and the glass is etched and carved and textured by sandblasting or chemical cream.  Then more adjusting of the laminated glass pieces because the glass is never the same as the drawing. Then, all the sandblasted areas need to be protected, all the glass needs to be cleaned and blah blah blah. Better explained with pictures. I'm digressing because this isn't supposed to be about this job I've another post planned for that.

It's supposed to be about the meeting. Or rather, my horror at the way the old shop looks. It's been hit and run for the last year and a half and the place looks like it. Not to mention that it has started to flood easily whereas it would only flood once in a while before or if the rain came from the wrong direction. Or the right direction. Nevermind

Anyway, the shop looked dirty and abandoned. Not a place I would want to talk business with to someone. So I spent the afternoon cleaning and throwing away trash and dusting shelves and straightening up tools and machines. There's some definite flood damage along the back wall that I can't really do anything about. My job is still spread out over the big table and I'll be working on it when they arrive. Hopefully, It doesn't look quite the hole now. I'm fairly confident of this meeting because they contacted me with intent and it's just a matter of coming to the meeting of the minds. The least I could do was clean it up a bit.

And we learned today that although our Imac (as reported in the woe post) did not have the blue screen of death, it did indeed have the gray screen of death. Hard disc? Pfft! What, you didn't have it backed up? hysterical laughter and pointing fingers ensue I had moved some stuff. But so so much is lost. 99% of all my pictures. my kick ass sunset pictures I worked on last weekend Some stuff I can get off my web site, some stuff we can recreate. I am surprisingly unperturbed by this. It's a pain in the ass, yes, but I'm not freaking out.


When I had come in from my labors, I checked my email and found that finally I am getting the recognition I deserve! Apparently, some one recommended my blog to the International Blogging Recognition Council, they reviewed a particular post, and have recommended that my blog receive their designation of “Recognized Blog” quote “IBRC reserves this honor to those blogs that effectively connects with the audience and promotes the sharing of ideas and experiences.” I don't know about the connecting and ideas part but they got the sharing my experiences part right interesting or not. They invited me to visit their website to learn more. So...

I went to their website. If I will just register and pay the $45 registration fee, they will send me my personalized IBRC 'Recognized Blog' badge.

Isn't that how I ended up in 'Who's Who'?


  1. Sometimes life is a bitch....sometimes we act like a bitch and then sometimes we just like to bitch....however...I feel your pain.

  2. Nah, I don't worry about hard-drives crashing. That happens to me every other year. I lose some stuff, but the rest of my stuff is out there in the Cloud someplace, stashed on those Doomsday servers, someplace, I forget where.

  3. Shop clean up job WELL DONE YOU! As for 45 bucks to be blog famous- is that one of those promises originating in Uganda- that place where your inheritance from a mysterious dead uncle resides?

  4. Sorry about the hard drive - s**t happens (as they say) and we all know we're supposed to back-up etc but...
    The International Recognition thing sounds like a good scam but I have noticed lately that a number of bloggers I read are busy awarding each other with all sorts of awards and I'm not sure I really understand it. Do we really blog to get awards from other bloggers?

  5. Hey! A possible paying customer with a new project in mind. Congrats!!!! Though I hear you about the studio being a wreck. Mine sure is and I have had some flooding too. Same reason!
    Well so much for the blogging award?! Just pay them for it huh? Ha!!
    And I am really sorry about your hard drive crash. That sucks for sure!
    It has happened to me twice and now I have learned and have a back up storage tower that I keep all my work in. Of course, my hard drive now is working like a dream. Grinning here!!

  6. Congrats on the new job. Nice when a former client comes back, eh?

    I was thinking the exact same thing about that blog award - when you mentioned Who's Who. lol

    Hope you have a great day - sounds like you are off to a good start!


  7. I guess I should get that bumper sticker ready, Life's a bitch and she keeps having puppies.

    Just think if we did not have the bad times, we would not enjoy the good ones near as much.

    Look on the bright side, you got the shop cleaned!

  8. There are always strings attached to every award in the blog land, eh? $45 for a badge that would just get lost in the shop among the tools and such? For heaven's sake!

    You do have a great blog. I am awarding you a NO STRINGS ATTACHED Reya Award for fabulous blogging. You don't have to choose 5 people to pass it on to, you don't have to write a post about it, you owe me nothing, I will not send you a badge. It's FREE!!!!

  9. Ooh - I like the sound of the Reya Award - that's classy! Maybe I can design a button for that. Except YOU'RE the artist here. Heh.

    Congrats on the new job - kind of nice to have repeat business like that I think.

  10. good for you to clean up your workspace for a client. it's a funny thing that because the artists i have known (and my own workspace) tend towards clutter as a means of feeling comofrtable. clients on the other hand - well it's about what you think they might expect right! hard drives can be saved - i had a laptop make a similar pffft sound and and a macfriend extracted the hard drive to a little machine that then transferred the contents to a new laptop. about eighty bucks canadian. good luck of course. or. let it all go and begin anew. steven

  11. I always enjoy reading your posts.

  12. Congrats on the award........ Oh, not gonna pay for it??? Hmmm...... maybe I could give out awards for money and then I could use the money to pay for my prescriptions. No, that would be wrong, wouldn't it?

    New job, old client is good news.

  13. Oh my Ellen, It looks like you have been through a lot while I was gone. Keep your chin up. I think I shall recognize you as a very worthy and creatively cool blog spot and it won't cost you a cent.

  14. I will recognize you for free. Your blog rocks and so do you. There.

  15. You've been recognized long before. I am quite sure I found you on "Posts of the Day". You didn't need to pay anything for that recognition either!

    Sorry your stuff crashed. It's a pain, but you're taking it in the right spirit. You'll take more pictures....

  16. Congrats on the new job and on the award. I recognize you as a great artist and blogger. Please send a money order for $25.00. Ha Ha. You are doing great. I love your work. Good work speaks for itself sooner or later. But sooner is better.


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