Saturday, August 21, 2010

a country tale

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The pecan trees have started to drop their immature fruit.

Baby toads are everywhere outside and I'm wondering how that can be.

The ground is dry and cracked.

A family group of blue jays has been monopolizing the birdbath.

Two days ago it pretended to rain.

The driveway barely got wet.

No rain for weeks and the cotton is taller than I am.

But the corn has gone completely brown.

I saw that the farmers are starting to cut it down.

The hay fields are being mowed.

And the tallow is dropping leaves from the lack of rain.

Or perhaps the wheel has turned a little.


  1. We are having the rain that could turn your world green again.
    The season is marching on and there is a definite feel of late summer in the air.

  2. I enjoyed the simplicity of this post, each sentence a different subject yet all interwined into a story of dry weather.

    Love the color wheel.

  3. We're having a light rain now - calling for thunderstorms later. We'lls see if they happen.

    Our birds are just CRAZY - swooping this way & that, eating us out of house & home, playing in the bird bath. It's been very entertaining.

  4. That is a neat picture and I like your simplistic story of no rain.

    It still feels like summer here, weather wise, but the with the school year started I know it isn't too far off for sweater weather and hot chocolate.

    I love the warm weather, but I love snow more. Bring it on! :) Hope you get rain soon.

  5. Enjoyed reading your nice post. Love the photo as well.

  6. Yes ma'am the wheel is turning but.....this has been a mighty strange like summer for us. Some things have happened too fast...things drying up early...not enough rain. Not enough growing time for other things...very small yield. Odd summer. Another friend is predicting a long hard winter..she says the signs are there and she may be correct.
    I love the photo and your thoughts. The Olde Bagg

  7. Hi Ellen

    is autumn on the way ...that can only mean that spring will come to us soon...hurrah...

    Happy days

  8. It has been hot, hot, hot! But we did get some good rains. But the heat marches on!! And I am loving this summer! Makes me sad to see the leaves fall! Sigh!! I am definitely not ready for winter to come!
    Hey! My fiber piece is installed!! Come see!!

  9. ellen the near-end of summer rains have been falling off and on here for the past few days. i rode home two days out of the last three through thunderstorms. the edges of some of the leaves have turned red. there's plenty of summer left but the air is changing. steven

  10. Omg. Did you arrange that picture, Ellen? Because I love it.

    Love that it "pretended to rain." Rotten tease, I'm tellin ya.

    I thoroughly enjoyed this post, my friend!

  11. Love that picture. It looks like a very simple Andy Goldsworthy piece.

    Summers without rain always feel so dangerous to me. Yes the wheel is turning. Wish you had had more water this year.


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