Wednesday, August 25, 2010


in progress

Stuff is pouring out of me. Unfortunately, it's not stuff for my blog.

I have been holed up in the studio and am really involved with the wax and model making. I would have thought that after two years, I would find it balky to work with but whatever skill I had achieved before is still with me. Nice to know.

The first things I did were to finish the two projects left over from before. I attempted to make a teapot that would go with my teabox but found I wasn't really interested in doing that so it became a box. It morphed into a piece I had already attempted to make once and didn't like. This one I like. Then I constructed another box that I really like, the one with the wren that is the experiment with the inlay idea.

Now I am working on the first of three pieces that will be a tryptic.

I am so happy to be working in the studio again and that the waxes, at least, seem effortless.


  1. I am in awe! Thats sounds ridiculous but I am

  2. Is that picture deliberately phallic or is it a happy accident?

  3. Um...I was thinking what Mr. London said,, didn't want to say it out loud. heehee.

    It is quite beautiful. Your work is always so great - do you ever have a mess up, or something that doesn't go right?

    Thanks for sharing - can we see more? Please? SkippyMom

  4. I'm with Mr. London too - I blushed when I saw it. I blame my friends from college - they made me see the world in a whole new & different light :)

    I'm really glad that you're having such a good time - I think that art doesn't always have to be like pulling teeth, does it?

  5. Mr. LS - Ah yes, deliberately so. wait til you see the next two.

    they're really quite innocent though.

  6. Studios- every one should have a studio- even if they don't art...your puring is cool- looks like a bud of potential about to burst- um, yes...phallic, but in a good way...

  7. I am so glad you are enjoying your time in the studio. I am still in clean up mode! No new projects yet so I will invent some! Ha!

  8. That's good! The blog later.

    Mmm, bud. :)

  9. I love it when I am totally caught up in something creative! I have been lurking in the background of blogs lately. Reading a lot, but commenting is always interrupted by a phone or a customer. I am ready to have some silent time in the coming months and I can feel it in the air! Our nights have been down in the 60's and days only in the low 80's with a wonderful breeze. Perfection!

  10. Yes yes yes, just...



    Ps. My I invete you to my automn contest? Please be my guest! Ds

  11. Beautiful piece. Can't wait to see the trilogy.


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