Monday, August 2, 2010

country quiet

It was a quiet country weekend, if you don't count all the mowing that was going on

or the crop duster flying back and forth over the cotton fields

that several times banked around right over our house

or the mockingbird who was raising a ruckus

at the hawk that was perched above the new shop frame where the pecan tree and crepe myrtle intermingle.

The mockingbird was frantic, alternating between one branch and another to draw the hawk's attention away

from it's young that was sitting motionless on a very near branch.

Eventually, the hawk gave up and flew into the neighbor's pecan with the mockingbird in hot pursuit and the baby flew away.

The moonflower opened quietly though. I've been missing them so I started going out to check on a bud starting at dusk when I thought they were supposed to open.

Nearly dark and it was just starting to unfurl,

it didn't open all the way till full dark.


  1. Thanks for sharing all that - its just after lunch over here, the time of the day when you need cheering up!

  2. That flower is cool. I don't think I have ever seen one.


  3. thanks for sharing snippets of your country quiet...beautiful

  4. Oh, I don't know about that crop duster breaking up the peace so. Lovely pictures!

  5. Oh cool- I've never heard of moonflower - sounds like a Japanese tale..In the dark of night.
    I hope for your sake that the crop dusters are not as toxic as they used to be. Hold you breath...for a very long time..

  6. It is amazing the struggles the birds go through to eventually raise a baby to be on it's own.

    Loved the flower - once opened it is rather big!

  7. Cotton fields, crop dusting, mocking birds, moonflowers...I enjoyed this southern weekend very much!

  8. Hi Ellen

    doesn't your moon flower look like a morning glory?

    happy days

  9. Nice post. I could have taken some similar pics except for the crop dusting but I wasn't out looking. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Love the flower, nice way to end a day. There have been so many crows around my apple trees lately ...... a crow convention!

  11. I love the hawk/mock standoff and am glad that the mockingbird prevailed. Wonderful account of natures drama.


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