Friday, January 29, 2010

does not compute

We have been thinking about buying a new computer for a while now.  The oldest, the one Marc uses, is an Apple G4 and is at least 8 years old.  It has several problems that could be fixed but we'd rather not invest money in a machine that old.  Our newest, an IMac G5 with a 20” screen, is five years old. 

We are Apple people.  We have had nothing but Apple and Mac computers, ever.  Our first computers, purchased in 1987, were a MacPlus for us and a Mac2 for the kids.  Every 3 - 5 years we would upgrade.  We’ve probably had every version of Apple desk top computers there is.

I’ve sort of been pushing for a laptop because they are portable and we have been in the habit of traveling for shows and workshops, with the exception of this past year.  Plus, I like the idea of being able to get all comfy on the couch and still do my word processing and reading.  But Apple laptops are expensive.  You can get a desk model for about the same price.  Marc has been resisting the laptop.  He wants my old computer and doesn’t think I will be happy using a laptop all the time.  So we were very interested in the introduction the other day of the IPad which we plan to look at again in four or five months.  

So last Thursday, we went down and bought a new computer, another IMac.  A computer for which we tried to pay cash, or rather, by business check.  A business check on an account we have had for 35 years at the same bank in which there was plenty of money.  The check protection system refused our check even after they called us on the phone while we were standing at the check out to verify that we had actually written the check.  The credit card company, however had no problem in accepting the charge.  Probably because we had finally paid it off and they weren’t getting any interest charges.  

“It’s the curse,” he says.

Because we are trying NOT to use the credit card, preferring to pay as we go.

Well, we got it out Thursday night and set it up and started the whole process of getting it going and one of the first things it wants to do in the whole registering and setting up process is to transfer files and applications from the old computer to the new one and since we had them sitting side by side, we hooked them up and proceeded with the transfer which was a two hour process.  About halfway through I thought that we had probably made a mistake because it was transferring everything, a lot of which I did not want on the new computer.  

Well, it did turn out to be a mistake.  I found some really old stuff and the few applications I wanted to use wouldn’t open without first starting another application that the new computer couldn’t seem to find and none of my files showed up, nor any of my pictures.

No problem, Marc says.  We’ll just delete the hard drive and reinstall the operating system and applications.  In other words, everything that came already installed.  

Were that it was that easy.  We tried to follow the instructions in the little booklet that came with and when that didn’t produce satisfactory results, Marc consulted the Apple website (which we should have done in the first place) and found out that the information in the booklet is incorrect.  So while we have re-installed the operating system and the applications, our new computer will come on, but it can’t seem to find anything.  So Monday, we get to return it to the place of purchase so they can put it to rights again.  

I’d forgotten how aggravating it is to get a new computer.

“You know what it is, right?” he says to me almost smirking.

“It’s NOT the curse!”


  1. My computer is so old, it has hieroglyphs instead of keys. But here I am, leaving a comment with it. ;-)

  2. Oy, not fun. We have a laptop, and my old Dell desktop. When I bought the Dell, I purchased a service contract that includes "lifetime" telephone service. Believe me, they've gotten me out of a bind more than once. Lifetime service is no longer available, but they do honor the old existing contracts. And so, it keeps me from buying a new computer. I hope your computer issues get fixed - there's nothing worse than a rotten Apple!

  3. Too funny but so frustrating. I know!! I have never had a Mac computer. We do HP here! Don't know why...just do. Since I do a lot of art processes, I should be getting a Mac. Oh well!! Good luck on your computer...I am sure they will have you right as rain in no time.

  4. Ahhh, The Curse.

    I know it well and I know it in all its forms.

    Right now I'm dealing with the curse I get monthly and am wondering why - at 51 years old - I must be continually visited and mocked by it.

    I'm old. Go away curse. And take all your other curses with you.

  5. 1) I always pay cash. That way, I have to really, really, really want it. And more importantly, credit card companies make no profit from me, the reptiles.
    2) I've used both Apple and PC. The PC is like the Family Truxter. It may break down, but it is usually easy to fix. The Apple, in comparison, is a BMW... with the hood welded shut.
    3) Truth in advertising. The Apple commercials, where you have the uptight, paranoid PC guy, and the casual artsy Apple? Complete bullshit. If you look at their marketing practices, Apple is the biggest Nazi control freak going around.

  6. hey ellen, i've used nothing but apple computers from the start simply because they are set up to match the intuitive manner in which i wish to aproach technology. transferring stuff over can be a challenge and i usually hire a buddy of mine who does apple work for a living. it'll all happen for you ellen as you know. patience. steven

  7. We have never had any trouble with our Apple computers. They have always performed for us. Only once did we get a machine with a flaw, took it back right away, they fixed it and never had a problem since. In this case (John), it is not the machine that screwed up, it was the idiots using it. I'm not really sure what we did but it can't find the OS. It will come on, just won't start up. Not even with the back-up disk.

  8. You guys sound just like us. My husband feels the need to buy whatever new Apple product that comes out of the factory. He wanted the big screen, but was having a hard time justifying it (since he will never use it) when the iPad came out. Now he wants that.

  9. I, too, have a very old G4 and I, too, have always been a Mac person, and yes, I, too, am on the verge of getting a new laptop.

    Yes, I, too, forgot how annoying a new computer is, but the good thing about a Mac is that once you get it up and running, it will be good to go for another five to eight years. That's never true for PC users.

    May the force be with you!

  10. I've always had Macs too and semi-recently got a Mac pro. I found the transfer from my old eMac far more difficult and confusing than they'd ever been before. I still have a few issues (like not getting permission to us an old file until I change users and sign in on the old and drag the needed item to the desktop from there) but those are few and far between now. Still - I'll always be a Mac lover.

  11. I want a new iMac. I am now officially envious. Hope it works out all right. And if it doesn't, I'll give it a good home.

  12. We've always had Macs too & I love my little Mac laptop. It doesn't work the way I thought it would though - all the stuff I do on Big Mac doesn't automatically get transferred to little Mac. I have to migrate before I leave, then email myself current projects that I'm working on when I take it on the road. I've taken it to the Mac Gurus to see if there's an easier way & there's not, without buying their 'blue something' program to keep all your stuff on the internet. (If that makes sense, I can barely understand it, much less talk about it, lol) Good luck with transferring all your stuff!!

  13. How I dream of buying a Mac. Someday, I tell myself...someday. Since my laptop just died and I had to buy a new one, I will be prepared for this one to die at any point after the warrenty is up. Next time I will have a computer death contingency fund.

  14. Having been introduced to computers (back in the dark ages when you had to insert a floppy disk just to run a program) in the business work I've always been a PC person. It's just easier for me to have the same system at home as I have at work - requires less memory for me to figure out what I'm doing :)

    I'm so glad you mentioned The Curse. I inadvertantly used a credit card to pay for groceries today (it's the same color as my check card & was in the wrong slot in my wallet) & I had forgotten to see where the heck the check card had gotten to. Your blog made me clean out my purse LOL! I found the card - at the very bottom.

  15. Oh Dear! How very frustrating! I love Macs! My daughters both have Mac Laptops. I have a dreaded DELL laptop from Hell. I am in the process of purchasing a new computer though. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the new Ipad (what a dumb name!). But, I will probrally get an HP. It's all about the money!
    Apple was/is so good to my girls about setting up technical help etc. One day... I too will have an Apple!

  16. It is all above my abilities! I love my laptop. I need to have some pregrams added, but I will just take it with me to Minnesota when I go up in Feb and let my son take care of it. I say "let", but I am taking care of his girls for a week, so ......

  17. I highly recommend laptops. I wouldn't have nearly the time to read blogs if not for my laptop. I can just pick it up whenever I have a free minute, read a couple blogs, put it back down again, do laundry, etc.

    It's convenient, for sure.

    Oddly enough, I've been thinking a MAC would be a wise purchase. They're just so darn pricey. I also love VAIO's. But again...pricey.

    We're due for some new computers though...all of ours seem to be falling apart (and we have three laptops and a desk PC).


  18. Hi, Ellen -- Since I've "discovered" you, I've gone back and read some of your earlier posts.

    This one particularly interested me because I got my 1st laptop last September and it was my first Mac too -- a MacBook Pro. Probably a bad idea to make both of those changes at the same time. It's been a STEEP learning curve. I really do like it, but I'm still not happy with it regarding pictures. Oh well, I guess it will all get straightened out eventually. And I DO like the portability of sitting anywhere to use it and traveling with it.


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