Sunday, January 31, 2010

object: texture and pattern

So, no one else wants to hazard a guess?

There were some very good guesses.  Some were right on and some were, if not exactly correct, so clever and so close.  I myself, had I not known what they were, would probably not have been able to guess more than a few.

Clear textured glass in my window.


Brick wall in the big room.

Ink on paper, a drawing I did of a leaf.


Blown glass vase in a basket weave pattern.

Blown glass vase with a wire drawing embedded in the surface.

Wood inlay design on my china cabinet.

Crackled glaze on a ceramic box.

Striations or threads in a crystal egg.


  1. That was fun.

    I've done a few posts similar to this one over time. It's more fun on the guessing end. ;)

  2. Wow, Ellen! I'm blown away. I thought most of them were like, mold, and fungi and stuff hahaha. And all the time they were beautiful objects from your home. I really enjoyed this. Very clever post! :-)

  3. That was so much fun!! I was way off on almost all of them. LOL!!

  4. I always enjoy when an object or vision is spun in a different perspective, interesting post. And I love your china cabinet, very beautiful.

  5. What beautiful objects. I especially love the vase with the wire drawing encased in the glass.

    I had fun thinking about what these images were...and even more fun finding out the reality, and how it compared to my imaginings.

  6. I should have at least been able to guess the gourd! Mine are all in different stages of shedding parts of their "skins" and molding!

  7. The coral is the only one I wanted to hazzard a guess on - and the gourd I SWORE was fabric - how cool is that.

    Glad I didn't guess. This was a very fascinating post. I am so happy you shared it. Thank you.

  8. What a feast for the eyes! Now, the hands want to touch.

  9. I missed the guessing part, I was in such awe over the beauty of the shots.

    Can we play again sometime?

  10. I'm glad I didn't guess now! That is some fabulous furniture you have there... and I love the coral.

  11. Mystery solved! I didn't guess because I suck at contests like that, but I enjoyed the textures anyway.

    That glass egg is rutilated quartz - very powerful healer of second chakra ailments. It's beautiful, too!

  12. wow -- I guess I got called away from the computer before I could comment. I figured the first one was glass, but it looked mercury-like- couldn't tell if that was the light or the actual material. And the coral was the only one I was really sure on. I could tell the weave pattern was on glass but I had no way of being able to tell you what object it could have come from. Lastly, I'd guessed the last one to be hair but I had no idea in what kind of space you could have photographed it. Ends up to be a glass egg....

    I thought the brick wall was some kind of chopped pastrami with onions really really close up, lol.

    Never could have guessed half of them but I want to say, seeing the place they came from next to them is an incredible visual dessert! Decadent!! You did a fabulous job just looking at the objects that you chose and seeing the close up in them. A lot of work for you but it was so much fun for us!

  13. Clever you! I love how you put the small photo ontop, I have no idea how to do that sort of clever thing- I am in awe!

  14. Well I missed the whole shebang (what's up with having a busy weekend & not having time to read blogs?). This was really fun! I don't have a macro setting on my camera (that I know about - hmm - something to explore), but if I can figure out how I'm totally copying this post idea. What fun!

  15. Okay, I'll have to say the gourd was the most amazing!

  16. Wow. Amazing to think I'd have never been able to identify the brick, but I wouldn't have in a million years.

  17. That blown glass vase with the basketweave is stunning!!! I have never seen anything like that.

  18. The only one I knew for certain was the coral. LOL

    And I actually thought the brick was raw hamburger! haha

    Yes, I'm a dork.


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