Saturday, January 30, 2010

surface: texture and pattern

It’s still winter despite our warm weather last week.  It’s cold out now, going down from a high in the mid 40s.  And windy.  That north wind bites.

Because it’s still winter, the outside is still slumbering so I was prowling around the house looking for an exercise with the macro feature on my camera.  I have taken a number of close-ups of the surface of things (except #10, it's actually the interior of something) and I thought I would pose a little entertainment.  See how many you can guess what it is.  I’ll post pictures of the actual objects tomorrow.












  1. All very cool, but I am not going to take a guess - I have no idea, but I love the game.

    I should probably try the other settings on my camera too. Hee.

  2. Love games...So here's my go at it.
    1. glass
    2. mold
    3. aggregate of some kind...maybe even a stone.
    4. spores.
    5. coral
    6. clay?...fimo?
    7. grapevine or ivy tendrils...floating on water.
    8. upholstery fabric (looks like a couch I grew up with)
    9. crazed glaze.
    10. fibers, like dog hair.

  3. Ahh Ellen, these are splendid!

  4. They're all fabulous!

    It was a high of 15 in my neck of the woods today. brrrr!

  5. I think the first is a shower door, but most of the rest are things i don't want to know about. Do I?

  6. What fun!! First one is a shower door? Last one is hair?? They are all terrific!

  7. Oh these look wonderful. Fun stuff.

    1) Light fixture globe
    2) Mouldy vegetable
    3) Brick
    4) Plant foliage
    5) Coral
    6) Marble
    8) Wood bowl
    9) Knit top
    10) Spun fibers of some sort

  8. 1. glass 2. not sure 3. sand 4. not sure 5. coral and the last is hair.

  9. Well done to the people who have guessed - I have been bloody useless and guessing any!! All fab :0)

  10. Seriously great textures. Some look like planetary surfaces seen from space, some as if looking througha microscope. Really cool!

  11. I couldn't even begin to guess what they are...but that is freakin' cool! :)


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