Monday, October 5, 2009

more signs of fall

I’m working on several things...several posts, several jobs, several wax models.  Nothing is done.  So I leave you with more signs of fall in a land where it never snows.  Well, almost never.


a fresh round of blooms

pecans maturing

chinese tallow trees (if we get a real cold front before all the leaves fall, they are brilliant)

yew tree berries

my neighbor’s winter garden


  1. What struck me here is your neighbor's winter garden. We just cleaned out our garden, and won't be back in it again until May!!

  2. I never tire of your beautiful photographs. Especially in this season!

    I appreciate your taking time to share this when you are already stretched so thin. Thank you!

  3. I'm a tad envious of your continued growth season....

    Those yew berries sure make a pretty picture. All lovely shots. :)

  4. The land where it always snows was once the land where it never snows. Someone made the mistake of claiming it never snowed there.

  5. On a long cross country trip my husband and I slept under a pecan tree in TX back in 1979. It got down to about 22 that night, and I had a good sleeping bag, but my husband didn't. I woke up toasty, and someone isn't letting me forget it.

  6. hello ellen, i can't let my wife see this - she gets desperate around this time of the year and then goes quietly crazy as the sun disappears and the warmth disappears. the berries are so cool!! nice to see a "winter garden", that's a first for me. have a lovely warm day. steven

  7. Hi Ellen

    are those berried edible...

    Happy days

  8. I loved seeing all your unique trees. So different from ours waaaay up here.

  9. Mmm - it's still so green there. We're green too, but just a tad less bright. Or maybe it's my imagination...

  10. Pecans ... I had to look up where you lived again. Was thinking Georgia due to the pecans. Texas ... I knew that ... so send me a lucious pie sometime ...

    It's chilly here 37 now ... I'm thinking another cold Winter is coming my way.

    Off to plan my trip to Georgia oh I meant Texas ...

  11. The yew tree berries just grabbed me. Thanks.


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